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5 ways to go to sleep early

Doctors suggest to go to 23 hours


Many essential oils are sleep and improve sleep quality. Try in the evening to pour in aroma lamp lavender oil. Put some twigs in the headboard. Dry sachet to put under the pillow. You will be able to relax after a hard day, this scent is recommended even for people with depression.

5 способов уснуть пораньше

Use ароматы


It is known that a glass of red wine helps to calm down and to forget troubles of the day. It's all in the grapes — it is better to choose varieties: Nebbiolo, croatina, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. However, do not overdo it — an excessive amount of alcohol leads to overstimulation, and in the morning is the hangover.

5 способов уснуть пораньше

A glass of wine повредит

The rejection of the gadgets

Scientists have found that two hours before sleep it is necessary to limit artificial stimuli: TV, phone, computer, otherwise you risk to spend in social networks the time until morning. Unplug all the gadgets, read something calm in a paper version.

5 способов уснуть пораньше

Get your equipment from спальни

Sleeping pills

If you have trouble sleeping, consult your doctor, he will prescribe a light sleeping. But remember, pills can be addictive. Consult with a pharmacist in a pharmacy, will help you find safe herbal. In any case, trouble falling asleep will not.

5 способов уснуть пораньше

Be careful with таблетками

Fresh air

Ventilate the room before bedtime. The bedroom should be a few degrees colder than other rooms. It is better to use a warmer blanket than sleeping in the heat.

5 способов уснуть пораньше

The bed should be удобной


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