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How to care for hands in summer

Now we have more time in the air, sunbathing, doing the garden, and therefore our skin needs special rituals

As you know, the sun is the main enemy of youthful skin. So before going outdoors apply on hands sunscreen with SPF of at least 20. This cream not only protect from harmful UV rays, but also protect the skin from drying out. In the evening, before bedtime, it is recommended to use a moisturizer.

Probably many have noticed that frequent washing of skin of hands becomes dry. So in the summer to wash hands is with water at room temperature and then thoroughly dried. With wet hands, you cannot go outside in windy weather.

You need to buy such a habit of all garden and farm work was performed in gloves.

And, of course, do not forget about nutrition. In summer you have to keep drinking regime. In the heat it is better to eat light and simple meals, preferring fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, lean meat and fish.

Rejuvenating mask. 2 tbsp. honey combine with 1 tbsp sour cream and 1 egg yolk. Mix well. Apply to hands for 30 minutes. You can wear gloves.

Moisturizing bath. In 2 liters of warm water add 1 tbsp of glycerin, 1 tsp. ammonia, 1 Cup of chamomile infusion. Keep your hands in the solution for 20 minutes. MOP, brush moisturizer.

Softening mask. 1 cucumber RUB on a grater, combine with ½ Cup of yogurt, add 1 tbsp of Flaxseed oil. Apply to hands, wear gloves for 30 minutes. After removing the mask on hand to apply a light nourishing cream.

Как ухаживать за руками летом

Natalia, Guidespot: materials of press-services

Natalia Gaydash, PhD, dermatologist, cosmetologist:

During household and garden works you need to wear gloves or rubber gloves. But every 2-3 hours is necessary to remove them and take a break — your skin needs to relax. The skin at this time a good wash, RUB a slice of lemon, then dry and smear with cream. Well, if it will contain dexpanthenol.

For the skin mask is very useful. Apply a universal or moisturizer on your hands, wear cotton gloves and wait 15-20 minutes so that the cream gave the skin intense hydration, and then rinse it with warm water. Such procedures are very useful for the skin, which is also exposed daily to high load. We all somehow come into contact with household cleaning products, quite often my hands, cleaned them with napkins. It is a vital necessity. But all this dries the skin. There may be tightness, flaking, redness and cracks. It is no coincidence that the rough, red hands called "hands of laundress". We need to ensure that your skin remains hydrated. Otherwise it can age very quickly. The first signs of this is dryness and peeling, then the skin begins to thin and wrinkles appear.

Mask for hands should be done as often as possible. Ideally, this procedure will become a daily ritual.


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