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Yana Stepanova: how to prepare your body for beach season

Beauty blogger gives the effective rekomendatsii on nutrition and shares a set of exercises

Summer brings many wonderful: a long-awaited vacation, sun, sea. Let's be objective: if you spent the entire winter ate the extra pounds, then a couple of days before the bathing season should not expect miracles. But there is good news! If you are ready for daily work, the figure will be much better and you will give a great start to create the body of your dreams. About how to do it, tell our blogger-expert Yana Stepanova.

The most important thing is your diet. Eighty percent of the beautiful pieces done in the kitchen, the remaining twenty is any activity and exercise.

Calorie deficit, refusal of food waste (fast food, foods containing TRANS fats, pastries and sweet) and a love of healthy foods will give you a positive result. Will leave excess water. It is important to remember, especially on vacation, that fruit is also sugar, which quickly recovered. So the question is: why can't I lose weight if eat some fruit, — disappears by itself. Fast carbs only in the morning!

How to build a workout to quickly get in shape? Many are beginning to exhaust yourself with intense cardio, but the fat burned during low intensity cardio with a heart rate monitor. Your heart rate must be one hundred twenty to one hundred forty beats if it rises higher, you're already working on endurance, not fat loss. Here are my top recommendations.

The presence of heart rate, slow but long cardio at least an hour. Do cardio on an empty stomach. While the level of glycogen at the end after sleeping, our body begins to waste energy from its reserves. First burns fat, but be careful: after the fat start to roll the muscles. So a brisk walk in the morning, at sunrise, and then Breakfast consisting of a smoothie (greens, banana and a little water) and a long cooking oatmeal, will give you a significant boost in weight loss.

Strength training, without them anywhere. The presence of muscle helps to consume twice the calories, even when you do nothing. Don't be afraid of big weights, at all desire you will not sway to the level of pitching. Strength training you will achieve a beautiful landscape. Do the last approaches with a small number of repetitions "through I can not": they are the most effective and will increase muscle mass.

Strengthen the body — keep the bar every day. Make it a habit every morning to do static exercises, they burn calories and strengthen the body. Each day increase the time stands in different types of planks (side, elbow straight and the hands).

I will share one of my secrets, I quickly came into shape after the second pregnancy. My daughter was born in may, and in the summer we went to the sea. I took her in my arms and went by sea. Go into the water just above the knee: the water resistance makes it difficult to step, so you have to make the extra effort. Plus you get anti-cellulite massage due to friction of water.

And most importantly, any activity every day will help accelerate weight loss and to maintain the result. Beach volley, mountain bike, hike in the mountains, rollers plus a healthy diet can work wonders. Check for yourself!

Яна Степанова: как подготовить тело к пляжному сезону

Photo by the author

Butt exercises

Take position lie on your back, bend your knees. Stretch your arms along the body. You can put your heels on a step-platform, wearable on themselves.
Gum worn to mid-thigh and keep all the time in tension.
To raise the buttocks by squeezing them to stay on for a few seconds and slowly return to the starting position without touching the floor.
Complete 20 repetitions in three approaches. Follow the breath, do not engage him.

Яна Степанова: как подготовить тело к пляжному сезону

Photo by the author

Sumo squat with weight

Take the weight for your level of training (dumbbells or kettlebells).
Stand straight with feet slightly wider than shoulders, toes, expand forty-five degrees.
Slowly lower yourself down holding the weight between your legs at arm's length, do a squat to a level where your thighs are parallel to the floor.
Knees thus are strictly in one plane with the socks. Who wants to complicate it, lift your heels off the floor.
Repeat 10-15 times for three sets.

Яна Степанова: как подготовить тело к пляжному сезону

Photo by the author

Lunges with the ball

Stand straight with feet hip width apart, hold a small medicine ball in front of him at hip level.
Strain the muscles of the body. Step forward on 60-90 cm Sharply to sit down until the back of the leg become almost parallel to the floor. Hold this position.
Reverse the movement, returning to starting position and repeat the exercise 10-15 times. Change legs.
On the exhale lunge, inhale back to the starting position.


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