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Secrets biorhythms: how to lose weight without doing anything

According to experts, nutricology Irina Pisareva, to gain slim enough to listen to the internal clock of the body

Have you noticed that the periods of recession and the surge of your vital activity are interleaved as if on schedule? Probably noticed that sometimes you just can't get off the couch — so tired though and slept, and nothing too time consuming did not. And an hour later a second wind and you are ready to move mountains.

All of it is in the personal schedule of our body, which changes depending on the time of day. Such UPS and downs do occur every day at the same time. It is responsible for all the rhythms — the internal clock of our body. This area of medicine began to study not so long ago.

We usually try to cheer myself up with coffee, and often consumed more caffeine than normal. The result is increased nervousness and heart problems.

Секреты биоритмов: как похудеть, ничего не делая

All we are certain of bionicbigfoot:

On the basis of research and knowledge in the field of biological rhythms, draw up a rough plan:

6.00—8.00 — maximum activity of testosterone in men and increase libido in women.

7.00—10.00 — time activity of the stomach, so in this period it is better to make the first meal of the day.

6.00—9.00 — physiological increase in pressure, which reduces the effect of training. The benefits of Jogging on an empty stomach is a myth!

13.00 -15.00 — time active absorption in the intestine. Include lunch 150 grams of protein (fish, meat, poultry), it metabolizes in the best way.

16.00—18.00 — the time to exercise. Fat loss aktiviziruyutsya, glycogen from the muscles is consumed less, the muscle will come in tone. The thirst at this time must satisfy clean water.

18.00—19.00 — liver best metaboliziruet alcohol and other toxic substances.

18.00—19.00 — replenish energy reserves a light dinner (vegetables and light proteins). Because digestive enzymes are practically not produced, and the gallbladder and liver in the passive phase, the last meal should be light and not greasy.

19.00—20.00 — the most movable joints — ideal for yoga, Pilates or stretching.

0.00—2.00 — actively produced melatonin and somatropic hormone which can burn up to 900 Kcal per night, assuming you sleep at this time.

It is also important genetics, which is actively developing, so you can learn the individual characteristics of the human body at the level of genes. Already today it is possible to study the gene CLOCK and to determine the internal clock of the organism in a particular person.


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