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5 myths about weight loss

Marina Altovsky — therapist from St. Petersburg, an expert on weight loss based on the practices of mindfulness with practical experience of 13 years, author of several scientific publications on psychotherapy, motivational coach, about the main misconceptions on the way to a slim figure

Overweight is a story about respect for Yourself and your Body. The good news is that this attitude can be changed. Sometimes the changes are the myths that I want to tell you.

Myth N1. Fasting is the best method.

Fasting can be useful only for people without eating disorders.

Excess weight has psychological causes. 99% of people who are overweight often have feelings of guilt and shame. Fasting is the unconscious psychological meaning of "atonement" for bouts of food debauchery. But "atonement" does not change the behavior. After a course of fasting, the person will return to old patterns of eating behavior and will recover again.

Food abundance has come to us after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But the human brain is not yet accustomed to the new conditions. He responds to the restrictive measures of the "old way". The body includes a "hunger mode", that is, retention of calories and twice the production of fat cells.

Myth 2. Magic diet

Many people think that there is no magic diet that reduces weight forever. Diet help to reduce weight by reducing caloric intake. Many diets are effective, but the effect is always temporary.

98% of people who are overweight there is a dissociation of body and emotions. Emotions, body and mind live, as separate from each other.

5 мифов о похудении

The diets offered artificial diets and the control, which further breaks the link between body and emotions.

The diet includes "peim hunger strike" with all the consequences.

Myth N3. Iron will — 100 percent of success

On the way to harmony a tortured himself wearisome workouts and diets, these methods are based on will. According to research, the "will" can hold a maximum of 2– 3 years. Then there are failures.

The conation of work with consequences of excess weight, not its causes. And yet: when we set the goal, proceeding from the will, it has little power. Little power — little traffic.

Myth 4. "I'm innocent"

People with excess weight separatisten towards others, but have a reduced responsibility in relation to themselves.

They are always "out of time", they always "work important". Therefore, "you can skip Breakfast and lunch at work", and in the evening "take heart" in the arms of a refrigerator, in the morning the guilt and shame, etc.

To break the vicious circle, you need to take responsibility and begin to change the thinking, attitudes, attitude, standards and behaviour.

The fifth myth. "Psychology has nothing to do with what"

Scientific studies have concluded that:

- People with excess weight have 7 similar character traits: a tendency to please others, perfectionism, dissociation of body and emotions, workaholism, negative thinking, low liability in relation to itself, reduced self-esteem.

- In the structure of emotional life "pareidolia" is always present four recurring emotions: aggression, guilt, shame and anxiety.

- Food behavior when overeating is driven by emotions.

5 мифов о похудении

Perhaps you were a little upset. But it is actually not so bad. There is a solution. Experienced nutritionists are taught the skills of conscious power, train new habits and get measurable and sustainable results.


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