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Pink sapphire, Magnolia and Jasmine: fragrance that you will fall in love is the best perfume best sellers of this summer

The inspiration for the Pink Sapphire Omnia fragrance from BVLGARI was pink sapphire. As you know, this stone in some cultures symbolizes youth. Therefore, addressed a new perfume generation Z, and heroines of steel advertising campaign bloggers Amanda Steele, Margaret Zhang and singer Madison beer.

Розовый сапфир, магнолия и жасмин: ароматы, в которые вы точно влюбитесь

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Omnia Pink Sapphire — fresh, bold and bright. According to master perfumer Alberto Morillas, "it's the flavor of the dream, allowing escape from reality". It opens with notes of citrus (pink grapefruit), which complements the slightly tart but sweet pink pepper. Then comes the chorus of exotic flowers frangipani and tiara. It is the heart of the fragrance. To convey the essence of the perfume of exotic flowers, the master Bvlgari appealed to technology "Headspace": the flowers are not exposed to the collection, distillation or extraction, as is customary in traditional perfumery art. Instead, the neutral gas receives and is enriched with the fragrance of flowers, leaving the plant intact. The perfumer can then recreate the flavor palette of raw materials. Thanks to this ingenious technique is born unique flavor. Finally, the composition ends with a plume of sweet vanilla and white musk. It leaves a deep, rich, multifaceted sound woody notes.

Like all fragrances line Omnia, Omnia Pink Sapphire enclosed in a bottle in the form of two connected rings that replicates the infinity symbol.

Mystery and charm

Розовый сапфир, магнолия и жасмин: ароматы, в которые вы точно влюбитесь

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Feminine elegance, mystery and charm — it can be described as a different new product from BVLGARI floral fragrance Magnolia Sensuel. As you might guess, dedicated this perfume is one of the most mysterious and fascinating of flowers — Magnolia. The master perfumer Jacques Cavalier has managed to capture the fleeting charm of fragrance of flower at the time of flowering is one of the shortest and the brightest in nature.

A few words should be said about the author of the fragrance, the perfumer Jacques Cavalier, because in the professional world his name is synonymous with quality. A native of Grasse, this perfume capital of the world, Jacques began to create fragrances from a young age. At the age of 28, he created his first masterpiece — L'eau d'issey for ISSEY MIYAKE. Since then, thanks to the Cavalier came to light a lot of the flavors are very different, but always unusual and memorable. It was his idea and Pasha Cartier Classique to Jean Paul Gaultier, Poeme for Lancome, Opium pour Homme, Rive Gauche pour Homme, Cinema and Nu for Yves Saint Laurent, Aqua di Gio for Giorgio Armani and Stella In Two Stella McCartney (in fact this list is much more impressive). That is why Cavalier is called a genius of perfume, a new fragrance only confirmed Jacques, or rather its "nose", — the most varied flavors, it's always a hit.

"The Magnolia flower, which I submitted to Magnolia Sensuel, represents Nature, says he Cavalier about his new creation. I'm only slightly stressed its essence, as it already has all the necessary olfactory properties. Sparkling top notes, leaving a tone of freshness on the skin, spicy notes and sweet Daisy notes. All I had to do is to rethink the primary and secondary properties of the fragrance, to reveal his deepest essence. Magnolia is inherent in the feminine nature is truly unique. It is full of novelty and acuteness of the senses. The novelty lies in the voltage of the senses. It has character, which I tried to convey in the flavor."

The character of this sensual, bright, passionate, captivating and fascinating. Pyramid of the fragrance is: top notes — tangerine and orange blossom in the heart, in addition to Magnolia, orange blossom and Jasmine, and hints of plume — patchouli, musk, Tahitian vanilla. The novelty is a collection Splendida Breitling, whose flavors sing of the beauty of the most famous in the history of the perfumes of flowers — iris, rose and Jasmine. And now in this collection shines a new star adorned sky gourmet floral fragrance sensual melody of Magnolia.

The Spirit Of The Mediterranean

Розовый сапфир, магнолия и жасмин: ароматы, в которые вы точно влюбитесь

Photo: materials of press-services

Fragrance Versense by Versace for nearly ten years, but it is still very relevant. Especially for hot summer days. Very fresh, but at the same time elegant, unobtrusive, but intriguyuschie. gentle but intoxicating. Even its name (sense translated to English means feeling, sensation) promises sensual pleasure. "I created a scent that a woman can feel incredibly light and free," — said Donatella Versace Versense about. It worked, of course, not itself, and in the company of a real professional — famous perfumer Alberto Morillas.

In the top notes of the fragrance obviously felt bergamot, Mandarin and pear. Accord daffodil, cardamom and Jasmine flower will intoxicate your energy. Woody notes Versense from confidence, and spicy notes of sandalwood and musk will discover the true sensuality.


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