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Anything extra: study the rules of hair removal found out what today there are methods that you feel fully prepared on the beach

To begin to understand the difference between the translations available. When epilating removes or destroys not only the hair shaft but also the hair follicles. When hair is removed only the hair (it's shaving or cream hair removal). After shaving the hairs start to grow back the next day and the chemical compositions of the creams can cause allergies. It's not what you need in holiday.

The most popular methods of hair removal are waxing and sugaring. Which is the removal of hairs by means of wax or sugar. In the first days after shugaring waxing and should not sunbathe, but if still the sun can't hide, you have to use a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 50. Waxing and sugaring is not for people who have varicose veins, diabetes, neoplasms of the skin (warts, papillomas).

The most effective ways of hair removal today are laser hair removal and photoepilation. This hair removal is best removes dark hair.

Laser impact and high-intensity flashes of light destroy hair follicles. So over time the hair will become less and the hair is thinner.

Ничего лишнего: изучаем правила эпиляции

Anna Smoljanovic: materials of press-services

Anna Smolianova, beautician:

One of the important advantages of laser hair removal — elimination and prevention of ingrown hairs.
With this problem sooner or later face all who plucks, plucks, and shaves. That is why not only women, but men with sensitive skin often do laser hair removal.

But I want to warn those who want to remove hair permanently. For one or several treatments that do not work. Hair changes unevenly, and every time we destroy only the active follicles in the growth phase. Of great importance are the genetic characteristics the hormonal status. But the fact that laser hair removal will help you to forget about the problem for at least 3 weeks after the first procedure (and in the future, this gap will increase), it is possible to promise. Today laser hair removal can be done even in summer and even on a moderately tanned skin.

But if the hair lost its pigment and turned gray, then give preference to electrolysis. It is important to know that to carry out such procedures are permitted only in medical clinics and not in beauty salons. Incorrectly selected settings and technology failure can lead to complications, including burns. The doctor has to get around the dilated vessels and skin lesions, e.g. moles. Not recommended for any type of hair removal during pregnancy and lactation.


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