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How to use perfume on hot days

Summer is inflicted on the body aromas can purchase a heavy train. find out how to avoid it

Looking for clues on the bottles. Aromas with notes, summer, ice, light, fresh specially created for the summer — they are light, unobtrusive and not very persistent. If you want freshness, and flavor stability, use extracts of perfume — Extrait de Parfum. They have less alcohol, which evaporates, it carries the smell and the body it smells like perfume all day. Contrary to popular belief extracts spirits very often have subtle, faint aroma. But extracts of the spirits of the road. An acceptable alternative may be potpourri or oil. They are applied only on the skin and near blood vessels: on the wrists, under the knees, behind the ears, on the bend of the elbow. Fragrance dry perfume you will surely feel two to four hours, the oil can stay the whole day. Remember that these tools need to be stored in a cool dry place not more than two years.

For the summer season is best to choose a perfume with a natural and fresh aromas: water Lily, freesia, Jasmine, Linden flowers, citrus fruits, flavors of plum, Apple, strawberry, herbaceous, marine, ozone. Paper-blotter at the Mall perfume will smell differently, so testing the fragrance, apply it on clean skin and walk the streets. This will give you the opportunity to experience how the aroma in the heat. Transformation can be unpredictable.

In addition to perfume on the body other smells: it smells like shampoo, skin — the shower gel and deodorant. In the summer it is better to choose those tools that are marked "unscented" or not to use more fragrant shower gels, deodorants and perfumes.

Как правильно использовать парфюм в жаркие дни

Natalia, Guidespot: materials of press-services

Natalia Gaydash, PhD, dermatologist, cosmetologist:

Summer to apply any perfume oil, dry and normal, toilet and perfumed water should be only in places that are hidden under clothing. Some substances included in the composition of the perfume may increase skin sensitivity to sunlight. Because of the increased photosensitivity can be sunburn, allergic reactions, pigmentation. So, if you open the neck, wrist, etc., no need to apply to these places aromatic compounds, when do you plan to sunbathe, to walk in sunlight or even in cloudy weather. Clouds, awning or umbrella is not a hindrance to solar radiation.

Pay attention to the composition and do not buy perfume with the scent of roses, if you have a headache or stuffy nose from the smell. An allergic reaction to perfume may arise not only from you but also from others. So be careful, especially if your loved ones are allergic.

Before starting to use perfume, take a test: just above the crook of the elbow, apply a small amount of the composition and rate of reaction thirty minutes. If you have any redness, swelling, itching — to use perfume not. Also, you need to take into account the reaction to the smell: if you start sneezing, stuffy nose, appear itchy nose, watery eyes, it becomes difficult to breathe, headache — need to wash off the perfume with soap and water and ventilate the area.


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