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Party in the fresh air, day a simple office and a sensual night on the beach: what flavor to choose have collected the best fragrance this summer

Limited edition Summer flavors Festival from MEXX

Вечеринки на свежем воздухе, день в строгом офисе и чувственная ночь на пляже: какой аромат предпочесть

Photo: materials of press-services

Summer is a season of festivals, parties in the fresh air, violent emotions and bright colors. Especially for hot days, the ASICS brand has released two legirovannykh fragrances for Her and Him.

Juicy floral-fruity fragrance, enclosed in a light coral-pink bottle, like reflects the playful summer mood. The composition opens with juicy notes of pineapple leaves and fresh green pear. Soft creamy heart of the fragrance reveals lush bouquet of fresh Magnolia and freesia, delicately enhanced by notes of juicy mirabelle plum. The plume is clearly felt sandalwood and musk notes that give warmth and depth to this cheerful, feminine fragrance.

In the men's version of the Summer Festival a lot of energy, spicy notes and a warm vibration. In the heart of the fragrance is sensual notes of pepper and cardamom. Then the fragrance opens with the summer freshness of green Apple, balanced spicy-resinous notes of cedar wood. A warm combination of notes of patchouli and ambergris creates a stylish and masculine trail of the scent.

Perfume pair Lady Vogue Vogue Lady Blanc and Noir from CIEL

Вечеринки на свежем воздухе, день в строгом офисе и чувственная ночь на пляже: какой аромат предпочесть

Photo: materials of press-services

Another fragrant Duo, we found the brand CIEL. Only in this case both fragrance exclusively for Her. We all know that every woman is like a chess Board. Black and white. The day and night. Tenderness and passion. Love and hate. It — aromas-element. Complex, characteristic, with a clear emphasis that they capture from the first note and brings you, blinding clarity, conquering exhilarating breath.

White pearl collection — Lady Vogue Blanc, represents femininity, innocence and purity. As you know, white is the absolute color, without any admixture of other colors. Is the same about this perfume. First, you literally envelop a light haze notes of Lotus flower and orange blossom. Then comes a floral accord of rose, Jasmine and Gardenia, which is disclosed on a velvety bed of wood.

If in contrast a very light and elegant flavor, Lady Vogue Noir inspired by the heady smells of the night, its magic, sensuality, hypnotic atmosphere. The top notes are tangerine pulsing chord, adorned with currant nuance. The melody continues the sensual Jasmine, the breath of sweet note of heliotrope. Luxurious warm trail of patchouli, Tonka bean and Madagascar vanilla with its intoxicating sensuality. Attractive, magical is truly the nectar of the night, created for the sensual, languid women. And only you can choose which flavors you "wear" for a particular case. Causing morning Lady Vogue Blanc, meet the night in the arms of Lady Vogue Noir. You will spend the day in the bustling city center? Select white as the colors dance Lady Vogue Blanc. Want to tune in to a date or romantic walk in the Park, in the Park, on the waterfront? Enough just one drop Vogue Lady Noir, "extract of night".

Tease by Victoria's Secret


This is probably the most unusual and long-awaited perfume brand. Because it often happens: once you find your perfect scent, fall in love with him immediately and irrevocably, and after a while suddenly discover that the exact same perfume chose your roommate, girlfriend or that unpleasant aunt in the subway. And start suffering: to keep or to drop?

Now, with the Tease from Victoria's Secret you will not face such a dilemma. Because every girl, this fragrance reveals a completely new way. Perhaps the secret of such an individual approach lies in the fact that the composition of the perfume is not two or three components, as is often the case with modern flavors. No, its creators have resorted to the old multi-component recipe.

About the most basic notes we to you still will tell. So first you will meet the fruit composition, which wonderfully peacefully coexist red Apple, pear, tangerine and lychee. In the heart of the fragrance is a delicate floral composition with notes of Jasmine, Gardenia, white freesia and Magnolia. And the softness, mystery and sex appeal to give perfume sandalwood, chocolate, black vanilla and amber. And the whole bunch of by touching the skin, blooms, adapting to your body temperature.

Surprisingly, even our beauty Department never came to a common denominator, what dominates the Tease. Someone says that it is a bright floral fragrance. Someone thought that it smells like strawberries and cream. Someone's perfume reminded of the actor's dressing rooms, where you are enveloped in a thick powdery scent...

Put just in case a miracle a bottle at the entrance to the editorial office — let everyone who enter here, you will discover your Tease.


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