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5 causes of excessive sweating during sleep

This physiological problem can be a signal of illness


Sweating often occurs with hormonal changes. It can be a signal of the beginning of menopause. The woman you want to draw on this characteristic attention to consult a doctor who will help to correct this new condition for the body. Sleep in a well ventilated area, wear clothes made from natural fabrics.

5 причин излишней потливости во сне

The cause may be возраст


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), acid reflux or simply heartburn can be another cause of this unpleasant reactions of organism. Most clearly the disease is manifested by night, because of the horizontal position of the body, so take the night drugs that help to reduce the outflow of gastric juice and its accompanying symptoms.

5 причин излишней потливости во сне

Heartburn easy лечится


If snoring in sleep a man is irritating, whereas for women it is simply considered indecent. But this situation indicates a serious pathology — apnea. The process of breathing disorders causes heavy sweating. There is a certain therapy that will help to get rid of this disease and its consequences.

5 причин излишней потливости во сне

Sweating and snoring - privilege мужчин


Sweat-drenched bed may be an indication of increased level of thyroid hormones. The disease provokes an increase in temperature, thereby forming a sweat in large quantity. Refer to the endocrinologist — a doctor will choose your treatment, and the problem will go away.

5 причин излишней потливости во сне

It's time to эндокринологу


A sharp decline in the level of sugar in the blood hypoglycemia. It is accompanied by nightmares, restless sleep and, consequently, sweating. Regularly monitor glucose levels — these symptoms can be evidence of the beginning of diabetes.

5 причин излишней потливости во сне

Watch the sugar крови


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