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What to do in cases of poisoning by mushrooms

Unfortunate consequences can occur not only because of the venom, but from-for incorrectly prepared edible mushrooms

Mushroom poisoning is one of the most severe and deadly. Unfortunate consequences can occur not only due to poisonous mushrooms, accidentally fell into the dish, but incorrectly cooked edible.

There are common signs of mushroom poisoning, regardless of their kinds: cramping abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, fever, headache, blurred vision. In severe cases, vomiting and diarrhea become unstoppable, develop seizures. The blood thickens, urine ceases practically to stand out, develops liver failure, which is visually manifested in the form of jaundice. The victim sweats profusely and the hands and feet become cold. It affects the Central nervous system: a person becomes at first restless, then lethargic. May appear hallucinations, lose consciousness and coma.

Before turning to the doctor possible for the victim to wash out the stomach: to drink at least a liter of warm water to induce vomiting. After that, the patient must make the sorbent. You need to remember when semi-conscious or unconscious victim to cause vomiting, as can happen getting vomit in the respiratory tract. Human suffering should be put to bed to warm the feet to put the hot water bottle. And give lots to drink: mineral water, strong tea. Seeking medical help is required.

Что делать при отравлении грибами

Natalia Resinate: materials of press-services

Natalya Grishina, a gastroenterologist, a nutritionist:

— Mushrooms can mutate and evolve. And if there is the slightest doubt — it is better to leave the mushroom in the forest. This is why you never want to buy dried or canned mushrooms with it, and when you buy fresh it is important that the mushroom was whole and recognizable at 100%. And even in this case, it is not recommended to buy mushrooms. The fact that the mushrooms really absorb everything in the soil, air, sediments. Therefore, you can get poisoned, even white mushrooms collected along roads, near industrial sites, dumps. Therefore, pregnant any mushrooms contraindicated. With great caution and in exceptional cases, you can give them to children under 18.

Not all people have the necessary enzymes to digest mushrooms. If the enzyme is insufficient, the possibility of the emergence of a sense of gravity fermentation. This is called intolerance trehalose mushroom sugar, or carbohydrate. It is especially dangerous if a person has more and the milk intolerance. Then julienne with sour cream will be a double blow to the digestive tract. On the other hand, mushrooms are very tasty. It is a delicacy, not an everyday food. It can be consumed, but rare and little — for the holiday table. It is worth mentioning that now are known and described, about two thousand species of fungi, of which only four hundred can be eaten.


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