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Fighter of the invisible front: simple tips on how to help your intestines

Heaviness in the abdomen, bloating — those problems, which is not to say, however, they blight the lives of so many of us

Despite more attentive to their own health, women are faced with delicate problems of the bowel in two times more often than men.

Most often, discomfort in the abdomen suggests that the disturbed intestinal microflora. Experts say that there are so many factors that determine the state of one of the largest organs of our body, and many challenges is quite possible to cope on their own.

Let's look at the top three most popular ones in more detail.

Water treatment

You've probably already guessed that we will focus on the need to the most notorious drink 2 litres of water a day! Clean water not only quenches thirst, nourishes the skin and eliminates wrinkles and imperfections, but also maintains the water balance of internal organs.

A sufficient number (right) of the fluid improves peristalsis — that is, digesting the food becomes easier to move through the digestive tract. Along with the water removes wastes, toxins and harmful chemicals that inevitably settles in the organism of inhabitants of large cities.

A reasonable approach in this case is to drink 50-100 ml of water per hour.

We will remind, tea, coffee, soups are not included in the recommended volume.

Боец невидимого фронта: простые советы о том, как помочь своему кишечнику

Health products

If discomfort in the abdominal area — constant companion of your life, then nutrition should be taken very seriously. Getting rid of uncomfortable States, ladies often go down the wrong path, resorting to laxatives. Such drugs are often too aggressive, resulting in frequent use by significant structural changes that in the future may require serious treatment of the intestine.

For the correct establishing of the gastrointestinal tract, it is more expedient to resort to such nutrients as fiber and probiotics. A large amount of fiber can be found in vegetables, fruits, some cereals and legumes.

It is known that a source of probiotics are milk and milk products. But despite their availability, you may experience unexpected problems. First, often the products manufactured do not contain probiotics in the right quantity. Secondly, many people have intolerance to milk protein and had to abandon the whole range of the relevant Department in the store.

To help in this situation come ready quasi-drugs containing a balanced combination of probiotics, primarily Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria, for example, Lakeballs. This latest generation probiotic, it contains good bacteria from Japan, which helps to maintain normal bowel habits, grow your own healthy micro-flora. Of particular relevance is Lactamases has in connection with improper food and occasional medication. In particular, the experts recommend a course of reception Lactamases after antibiotic treatment, when errors in diet, change of climate, water to restore the natural beneficial intestinal flora.

Боец невидимого фронта: простые советы о том, как помочь своему кишечнику

Sport = health

Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle is reflected not only on the testimony of our home weights. The lack of movement and neglect of basic physical exercise causes reduction of peristalsis — moving food through the digestive tract slowly and reluctantly, may form clumps, thus even more complicating its natural excretion from the body.

Possibly give preference to pedestrian movement during the day, from time to time take a walk in nature, or at least go to a nearby Park during the lunch break.

Ensure yourself regular high-quality food, keep drinking regime and do not forget feasible exercise — your gut will thank you and give good health and gorgeous looks!

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Боец невидимого фронта: простые советы о том, как помочь своему кишечнику


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