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5 reasons to go for a swim

The weather has to visit the pond

Reason # 1

Despite the warm days, the water is warmed not by much. If you want to lose weight, daily swimming in open water. The maximum you will lose weight swimming butterfly stroke.

5 причин пойти поплавать

If you freeze, warm bulge океан

Reason # 2

Problems with posture — another reason to go swimming. In the process of sports training in the water the spine receives less stress, while strengthening the muscles of back, chest and lower back. Crawl on back is best suited for this task.

5 причин пойти поплавать

Have a good vacation on the shore реки

Reason # 3

If you dream of a flat tummy, then you need to swim. The more you work with your feet in the water, the faster you will achieve results. The best style of bras on the belly.

5 причин пойти поплавать

Fall sign up in бассейн

Reason # 4

Nervous system will tell you just thank you for regular swimming. Cool water and a smooth glide will help get rid of stress. For relaxation is beneficial swimming breaststroke and back.

5 причин пойти поплавать

You will have strong мышцы

Reason # 5;

To solve problems, to relax — well in the water. When sailing, we give stress to the body, hard to breathe, it contributes to the saturation of blood oxygen, which rapidly enters the brain and stimulates its work.

5 причин пойти поплавать

Water soothes нервы


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