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How to lose weight before the cold weather

It is proved that in the summer and early fall, when our table is so rich with fruits and vegetables, the metabolism is active, and means goodbye to excess weight easier

Summer work helps shape nature itself. less hungry, consumed more liquid. Consequently, the body more easily excreted toxic substances. Large daylight helps align circadian rhythms (the biological processes associated with the change of day and night). We sleep better, Wake up easier in the morning. It has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system.

Summer weather promotes fresh air — we move more and get the vitamin D. And of course, fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs. The complex compensates for the lack of vitamins and minerals. And as you know, these substances are catalysts of metabolism. Therefore, in the summer of lipolysis (fat breakdown) is faster.

To understand whether you have time to fill the shortage of vitamins and minerals over the summer, should contact the endocrinologist. The doctor will assess your condition, assign the research and find out what preventive measures are necessary to keep a good figure.

Как похудеть до наступления холодов

Galina Palawatta: materials of press-services

Galina Palkova, endocrinologist:

— At the end of summer really is recommended to pass the examination of the endocrinologist. This will not only help to ease the fight against obesity, but less sick in the fall. Many people, when the sun is already small, it is recommended to begin supplementation of vitamin D. This will help to better and fresher you feel, avoid the autumn Blues. But to assign vitamin D should doctor for the blood test results. Summer active thyroid gland works. In the fall her condition is also advisable to check and, if necessary, to correct. Typically, people taking thyroid hormones, the dose is reduced in summer and autumn increases. All this need to control.

In late August — early September there is an active harvest. Vegetables, berries and fruits need not only to preserve, but to continue to eat fresh. It is very important to try to compensate for nutraceutical deficit — the lack of those vitamins and minerals, which have an enzymatic effect, increase metabolic reactions and help to normalize weight. Even if nutraceutical deficiency has not been restored, you have got a whole September. If you listen to the recommendations of the doctor, you will be able to maintain your metabolism at the right level and without the hunger and hardship to find harmony. In fact, you can lose weight in your sleep — you only have to stay awake until 12.00 hours of the night and sleep 7-8 hours.


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