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5 unusual beauty treatments which can be done using the epilator talks about the unexpected ways to use familiar to all device

We all know what epilator and how to use it. It seems that us has already nothing to surprise. But this device can not only remove the unwanted hairs from the body and make the skin smooth and smooth for a long time, but with the help of attachments and additional functions allows for many useful beauty treatments. Expert Rowenta, product Manager in the category of "self-Care" Love Volkova, tells how to use the appliance, in order to care for the body and face at home.

5 необычных бьюти-процедур, которые можно сделать с помощью эпилятора

Love Volkovito: materials of press-services

Manicure and pedicure

Well-groomed hands and feet attracted the attention of others. But often time for regular trips to the beauty salons is not enough. Quickly lead nails in order and make a pedicure is possible at home — enough to have an appliance with a pair of special nozzles.

Refresh the shape of the nails using a brush, then treat with the nozzle for polishing at the end of the oil moisturizing cuticle oil and your nails will look neat and well — groomed- after the salon.

For a home pedicure start with a foot soak with a teaspoon of baking soda and sea salt. Then you need to treat your feet with the epilator with a nozzle for a pedicure, then apply a moisturizing foot cream. All ready admire his smooth heels.

Body massage

To do cellulite massage at home? Nothing is impossible! To work through problem areas and improve skin tone you can use the epilator with massage showerhead. You can grab the device to the bath or use after a relaxing bath. If you act on a steamed skin, massage will be much more effective. Don't be afraid to use the epilator a new generation in wet areas and water, if they have the technology, Wet&Dry.

Delicate area

We all know how sometimes unpleasant to do hair removal of underarms or bikini area. But it is not necessary to go to such extremes for beauty in the beach season. Just use the best epilators for women. She cuts hairs up to the length of 0.5 mm, it does not cause any discomfort, and neatly finish the procedure by using the trimmer.

5 необычных бьюти-процедур, которые можно сделать с помощью эпилятора

Modern hair can not only remove the excess, folosite: materials of press-services


Exfoliation is an important and useful procedure for the removal of dead skin cells. If this is not done, then there are problems with the skin peeling, ingrown hairs, loss of tone. To forget about such troubles, the peeling is necessary to carry out a couple of times a week.

Complete modern epilators are exfoliating attachment, which is suitable for the peeling of the whole body. Use it to prepare the body for massage, waxing or other nursing procedures.


Brossazh, or brushing, is a method of mechanical cleaning of the face using a special brush. The procedure is useful and practically safe, but not recommended for those who have high skin sensitivity, acne or rosacea. At home it can be done with the epilator with a special automatically rotating a brush attachment.

For brossazh need:

- wash off makeup;

- apply to skin with a special exfoliating emulsion;

- conduct a special nozzle brush device along the massage lines;

- clean the skin;

- remove the remnants of the emulsion.

After brossazh improves color and texture of the skin, returning the tone. The bonus procedure is its cumulative property. If you do not forget and spend brossazh regularly, the result will exceed all expectations.


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