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Master class: SUP-yoga by Valerie Kozhevnikova

This yoga helps relieve stress, improves balance, posture, strengthen the nervous system and the vestibular system

For actress Valerie Kozhevnikova sport is the guarantee of health and good mood. She prefers the quiet types of fitness, yoga and Pilates. And recently tried classes, SUP yoga this kind of yoga is becoming very popular, his asanas are performed on the water on a wide, stable Board.

Some General guidelines for lesson, SUP yoga:

1. Take your time. Do all exercises two times slower than on land trying to breathe evenly and slowly.

2. Don't forget about the Board. The center of gravity of the Board is usually located under the handle grip (box at the top of the Board), so try to evenly distribute your weight around this point.

3. Look at the horizon. Loss of balance in many cases due to too rapid movement of the eyes. Focus on some fixed point, it will help you to keep balance.

Get on your knees face to the front of the Board, straighten, bend the toes under him, in order to stretch them (main photo). Try to breathe through the diaphragm, paying attention to the slight swaying of the boards on the waves. If excessive stretching your legs become uncomfortable, simply get on all fours to ease the pressure.

Мастер-класс: SUP-йога от Валерии Кожевниковой

Asana 2photo: materials of press-services

There is something incredibly soothing in the pigeon, executable on the water. Sit up straight, slide one knee forward, placing it between the set on the Board by hand. You can enhance the stretch, pushing the lower leg forward a little. Try to relax: concentrate on the sound of the waves against the Board. To more deeply enter the pose, you can lean forward and lie on the leg, stretching his arms.

Мастер-класс: SUP-йога от Валерии Кожевниковой

Asana 3Фото: materials of press-services

Alternate pose cat-cow is a great way to warm up and stretch your spine. Try running it at the beginning of sessions to get used to the Board. On the inhale, arch your back, belly down while lifting the eye upwards, the back should bend arch and the coccyx is pulled upward. On the exhale tuck your chin to your chest, round your back, arching it upwards, reach the navel to the sky. Pushes hands away from the Board to properly stretch the area between the shoulder blades.

Мастер-класс: SUP-йога от Валерии Кожевниковой

Asana 4Фото: materials of press-services

When you feel more confident on the Board, try the following variation for the bridge. To do this, lie on your back, lift your hips up, place your hands backwards and place them behind your head. Setting the balance, stand on tiptoe and lift your hips even higher.

Мастер-класс: SUP-йога от Валерии Кожевниковой

Asana 5Фото: materials of press-services

Fish pose is a great way to get rid of pain in the neck and back, improve blood circulation and reveal your chest muscles. Lie on your back, place your hands under your buttocks. Bring your elbows as close to each other. Bend your elbows and lean on something for forearms, pressing them to the Board.

Your chest up, arched back. Relax your neck and lower your head back until you touch the Board. Hold this position and make at least three deep breaths.

Мастер-класс: SUP-йога от Валерии Кожевниковой

Asana 6Фото: materials of press-services

Once you learn to keep balance, raise your arms over your head holding this position for several breaths. Let's complicate the task with his eyes closed. Pass through a whole series of new sensations that you will experience swaying on the waves of the ocean.


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