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Possible and impossible: what procedures are shown during pregnancy and lactation, and what should be discarded

Amina Berdova, dermatologist cosmetologist, held for readers beauty educational program

What not to do

During pregnancy and lactation the use of hardware and injection cosmetology contraindicated. This is due to the possible negative impact of procedures on the fetus, and is subject to change hormone levels in the woman's body. To assess the negative impact on the health of pregnant women is impossible, since the actual research was conducted. Moreover, minimally invasive procedures require pre-anesthesia, not recommended for pregnant women, and any soreness can lead to irreversible consequences.


As the drug is administered subcutaneously, partially once in the blood, it is likely that the ingredients mezokokteyley albeit in small numbers, but can reach the placenta, penetrate through it to the fetus. The second reason — risk of complications: the body of pregnant women is worse resists infections and viruses, in connection with a weakened immune system, so cosmetologist a mistake, will have to be treated with antibiotics, which is absolutely unacceptable in the case of pregnant women.


The injection of botulinum toxin, in its relation to the study still held. It has been proven that it can cause various complications in fetal development: defects in the formation of the limbs, developmental delays, serious pathology. The active ingredient of the drug is a toxin, in other words a poison that can adversely affect the health of the future baby.

Hardware cleaning

Direct evidence of the negative impact of ultrasonic waves on the health of mother and fetus is not, however, theoretically it is possible, therefore, doctors do not recommend the period of carrying a child to resort to hardware cleansing.

Chemical peels

The preparations used for chemical peeling, most of them contain toxins and can have harmful effects on fetal development, so this type of peel also is contraindicated in pregnant women.


Wraps can be cold and warm. Their action is directed at removing the fluid from the body, in the case of pregnant women is absolutely contraindicated. In addition, there is a risk that a warming wrap in early pregnancy can cause miscarriage.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal can lead to increased skin problems — the appearance of pigmentation, dryness and even risk the appearance of stretch marks in the postpartum period.

Of course, the woman and the doctor-cosmetician can take a chance and perform any manipulation is at your own risk, but that's another story.

Можно и нельзя: какие процедуры показаны в период беременности и лактации, а от чего нужно отказаться

What procedures are shown during pregnancy and lactolite:

What procedures are shown during pregnancy and lactation

However, you should not get upset! Even in this period, you can find alternatives to some cosmetic procedures: there are programmes designed to care for hair, hydration of skin (and this is the problem in pregnancy is, perhaps, one of the pressing — due to hormonal changes in the body, pregnant women often complain of dryness, tightness, flaking of the skin), prevention of stretch marks, sugaring, massage.

Women during pregnancy and lactation can hold a light surface cleaning procedures, treatments, masks of different origin, including giving a good moisturizing effect, as well as alginate and cleansing mask based on kaolin (white clay).

Since many treatments for expectant mothers are banned and are left to better times, in the first place care out cosmetics and treatments that you can do at home without compromising the health of your child.

Remedy for stretch marks

Of course, to expect a miracle from using creams is not necessary. The appearance of stretch marks, primarily caused by injury of the connective tissue fibers in connection with the increase in the volume and weight of the pregnant woman. Why it is a minor injury fiber? The reason may be caused by genetic factors, sudden weight gain, a tendency to the appearance of stretch marks.

As a beautician, I can say that the most effective way of getting rid of stretch marks — beauty treatments which are carried out in the period after childbirth: mesotherapy, autonomista therapy, various peels (which we will discuss below).

Any creams, including remedies for stretch marks that actually applied to the surface of the skin, production is responsible for the condition of our skin collagen and elastin are not affected — they give only an external cosmetic effect.

Their action is more aimed at the so necessary during pregnancy the widespread hydration of the skin, so using skin creams need to be mandatory. And to do it regularly (at least 2 times a day), starting from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Choose for this purpose should be the tools marked "maternity," as they are hypoallergenic, do not contain preservatives or any unwholesome for the future of mother and baby ingredients.

Also in the preventive purposes, with the aim of increasing the elasticity of the skin, and with the permission of the attending physician useful contrast shower (without fanaticism and extreme temperatures), the use of protein foods, General massage (also with the recommendation of the doctor). In the home you can afford local massage possible problem areas (e.g., thighs) using gloves or sponges made from natural vegetable fibers (sisal, natural bristle). Also shown is the "plucking massage" in the form of pinching of the skin to improve blood supply.

Absolutely fearless in pregnancy you can moisturize the skin with natural oils: coconut, almond, Shea butter, etc. the Main thing — to remember that hormonal balance has changed, if before these oils are not allergic reactions, they can occur, so first test should be performed. One of the most hypoallergenic oils is considered to be olive based on it are commonly used for cosmetic products for expectant mothers. Olive oil moisturizes the skin, eliminates the feeling of tightness, dryness, affordable, suitable for everyday use and safe to use.

The Foundation of self-care during pregnancy and lactation are home treatments, various hair masks and body scrubs.

Можно и нельзя: какие процедуры показаны в период беременности и лактации, а от чего нужно отказаться

What procedures are shown after childbirth and lactation?Photo:

What you can do in the period after childbirth/lactation

At the end of lactation many women start to actively combat the accumulated for the previous period problems. As a rule, exhausted by pregnancy and lactation, the body suffers from vitamin deficiencies, lack of calcium and other trace elements, resulting in brittle nails, dry hair and skin. Also during this period, many began active hair loss. Perhaps the appearance during pregnancy age spots on the face, called chloasma.

During this period, as it is impossible by the way will be the micro injection of vitamins and hyaluronic acid in the form of biorevitalization and biopreparatov. I recommend them a course of 2-4 treatments every 10-12 days. As a result of this procedure, the skin is nourished with microelements, amino acids: hyaluronic acid gives a pronounced moisturizing effect. Perhaps the use of peptide cocktails that can enhance the production of hyaluronic acid contribute to the active renewal of collagen and elastin of the skin.

To combat hair loss and to improve the quality of skin good effects of PRP injections platelet-rich plasma. The recommended course of 4 treatments every 10-12 days. Against pigment spots recommended to undergo one of the hardware of the procedure — photorejuvenation, aft rejuvenation or laser removal of age spots in combination with injections of mesotherapeutic cocktails with kojic, ascorbic and hyaluronic acids, arbutin, plant extracts. The recommended course of 4-7 treatments.


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