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5 signs of ageing from the point of view of science

Scientists explain what happens to the body

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DNA is the genetic code that are passed between cells. With age, this process appears failures and errors that accumulate in the cells. When a large number of such errors, the cell degenerates into a cancer.

5 признаков старения с точки зрения науки

It looks like our ДНК

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Thousands of genes in one cell determines what it can do and how to behave. Under the influence of external factors: time, lifestyle, climate and so forth, fails these "instructions" to cells, they no longer need to communicate with each other. The loss of these communications causes inflammation. As a result, the cells lose their sensitivity to the presence of pathogenic substances and malignant cells.

5 признаков старения с точки зрения науки

Laboratory studies for years for a minor результатов

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To prevent the accumulation of damaged components in our cells, the human body, they are periodically updated. Alas, with the onset of old age this ability is lost. Moreover, the cells accumulate useless or toxic proteins that lead to, for example, cataract. Loss reduction potential is one of the most obvious signs of aging.

5 признаков старения с точки зрения науки

The drugs tested for мышах

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With age, deteriorating metabolism, cells lose their ability to process substances like fats or sugar. This can lead to diabetes. That is why the elderly are advised to keep to a diet — their body is not able to digest many foods.

5 признаков старения с точки зрения науки

While aging неизбежно

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In the body of accumulated dead cells that are no longer able to produce healthy. The so-called cell-zombies can affect adjacent healthy and spread the infection throughout the body. Over the years, their number is becoming more and more.

5 признаков старения с точки зрения науки

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