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Five steps to healthy joints

It is believed that joint problems appear in the elderly. But statistics shows that these diseases are getting younger. figured out how to protect your health

Causes of joint pain are numerous: bipedalism, age-related changes, trauma, illness. For joints affected by lifestyle, nature of work, nutrition, physical activity and time of year. In autumn and winter, the joints begin to ache more intense, can worsen chronic diseases. Contribute to hypothermia, infectious diseases and decreased physical activity. It is important to react to the pain and start to solve the problem, beyond taking painkillers, and chondroprotectors. Remember, the choice of drugs for the treatment is possible only on the recommendation of a physician. But other steps to health of the joints can be done without doctors.


Include in the diet of meals containing cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bones. Welcomed the cottage cheese, hard cheese varieties, milk, chicken egg yolk, cod liver oil, butter, and salads of raw vegetables dressed with low-fat sour cream or vegetable oil. Once a week is recommended to eat dishes of herring — fresh-frozen or barrel. For joint health requires vitamin C, so eat strawberries, red and black currants, sea-buckthorn, gooseberries, cherries, bell peppers, dill, parsley, horseradish, Brussels sprouts, sauerkraut and citrus. The most useful sweets to joints and spine — marmalade, marshmallows, jelly and fruit jelly and ice cream, but real cream or creme brulee.

It is not recommended to eat cakes containing baking powder, the products, which include preservatives and flavor enhancers: crab sticks, sausages (unless you made them yourself), factory canned food, fast food, soda. Harmful fatty, smoked, fried, dried and pickled. It is recommended to limit the intake of alcohol, tea and coffee.

Пять шагов к здоровью суставов

The chair and Desk should be udobnymi:


The chair and Desk should be comfortable, not sitting in a pot. Try to do the workout every two hours, and also before physical exercise and hard work. Performing physical work, take breaks every hour at least for five minutes.


Sleep on a pillowtop mattress, and use pillows that support the cervical spine (from modern materials or buckwheat husk).


The water supports the spine and allows you to relieve tension, spasms and pain, stimulate the production of interarticular fluid, normalize microcirculation. If you can't visit the pool, do some Nordic walking or just walk. Plus exercise for the joints. The circular movements of the neck, shoulders, hands, hips, knees and feet: twenty times in one direction and twenty times in the other.

The sun

Moderate tanning stimulates the production of vitamin D, essential for calcium retention. However, for the synthesis of vitamin D is to sunbathe subsidiaries do not need. Therefore, going to the Solarium, do not get carried away, because of excessive tanning is very harmful to the skin.


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