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5 cases when antibiotics are dangerous warning: do not self-medicate

Case No. 1

Antibiotics do not help colds, flu and SARS. If you are a doctor makes one of these diagnoses, listen carefully, what medication you are prescribed.

5 случаев, когда антибиотики опасны

It is only necessary to knock down high температуру

Case No. 2

Cause of acute respiratory disease viruses, not bacteria. Antibiotics do not affect viruses, can destroy and kill.

5 случаев, когда антибиотики опасны

Antibiotics are not панацея

Case No. 3

Antibiotics can severely harm the body, which just gets used to them. And next time, to cope with the disease, it will be necessary to assign more powerful.

5 случаев, когда антибиотики опасны

Listen to доктора

Case No. 4

Antibiotics have serious side effects, such as inhibition of the function of the liver and kidneys, allergic reactions, decreased immunity. In addition, they cause the imbalance of intestinal microflora and mucous membranes in the body.

5 случаев, когда антибиотики опасны

Perform all рекомендации

Case No. 5

You can't take antibiotics just because you hurt for a long time and you have to go to work. The doctor you should see, to identify bacterial lesion and then prescribe a medicine for a range of actions.

5 случаев, когда антибиотики опасны

Don't forget national медицину


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