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Holiday detox: all about new year's diets

Less than a month to prepare for the main night of the year. But this time was enough to lose a few extra pounds, if you follow the guidelines

The new year is getting closer. But time enough if to start a new life now. Or rather today. And it does not need to starve, to sit for days on buckwheat and choke unloved yogurt. You just need to become disciplined in nutrition and eat as much as you want.

And you need to start small: consider your menu at least a day ahead. Forget about the sandwiches and buns, sodas and gallons of coffee instead of food. Breakfast should always. Cereals, eggs, cheese — you can pick what you like. No time in the morning, do all in the evening. Similarly, prepare and snacks — they should be about two a day. Suitable apples, tangerines and nuts. If you can't live without sandwiches, then baton replace on whole wheat bread, sausage — meat, mayonnaise on slices of avocado or lettuce. When you have lunch in the corporate dining room or collect the container with you, remember the "rule of plates": a plate is mentally divided in half ½ is vegetables (raw or steamed), the second half divided in half again. One part is the carbohydrates, for garnish (pasta from durum, cereal), the second — proteins (white meat, fish, seafood, legumes, eggs). Dinner place only
½ Vegetables, and ¼ proteins. Try to eat 3-4 hours before bedtime. Enter a rule to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach and a glass half an hour before meals. You also need to sleep and go to bed before midnight and a little walking, for example, to exit a stop early and walk home.

Праздничный детокс: все о предновогодних диетах

Natalia Resinate: materials of press-services

Natalia Grishina, doctor-gastroenterologist, nutritionist:

— To lose weight and stay slim you need to eat and sleep. Meals should be regular, steady schedule. Ideally, if it will be 5-6 meals. A person should be two Breakfast early and late, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. This principle will not starve and allow you to consume fewer calories. Remember that a sharp restriction of food — stress. The body requires energy, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Limit we can only carbohydrates. All the rest — fats, protein and so on — is required.

For a healthy adult a person's 1200 kcal a day at least. This caloric intake will give you the opportunity to remove excess. But the diet should be: lean meat or oily fish two times a day for 120-150 grams of vegetables two times a day, 200-300 grams, a tablespoon of vegetable oil or a similar amount of butter or a piece of bacon. Oil can be used for frying and as salad dishes. In the morning recommended 150-200 grams of pasta, cereal or potatoes, one Cup of tea or coffee without sugar (coffee and tea limited). For early Breakfast you can eat a slice of dried white bread with a slice of cheese or eggs. You can indulge in a piece of dark chocolate. For snacking use baked apples or pears without sugar, fresh fruit or a handful of nuts.


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