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Do body detox: a history of misconceptions

Many adherents HLS sincerely believe that our body is the garden in the subtropics. And treat it accordingly follows: feed vitamins Yes tirelessly to clean away harmful toxins. But is it necessary for most of us, really?

One of us after a hearty Christmas feasts were not for the thought: maybe it's time to clean the body, and the salad with a couple of herring under a fur coat inside jig-jig dancing? Further developments are in the same scenario. Man, tortured champagne and dishes with mayonnaise, opens the sites experts on detox and finds out terrible. For example, our liver — storage of hazardous toxins. Moreover, during the long years of unjust life they have accumulated in the intestines, and there they company makes malicious plaque, which is not so easy to get rid of. But then there are offers to participate in a week-long detox programs, during which you will Wake up at five in the morning, to greet the new day in the yoga pose "sun salutation", drink celery juice and eat like a bird, and a lot of walking and to do a cleansing enema at bedtime. All this is underpinned by enlightened eyewitnesses about how after a couple weeks of intensive detox, they got rid of ten extra pounds, and also ten years.

Нужен ли организму детокс: история заблуждений

Inclusion in the diet of broccoli, salad with olive oil and dried fruits will support the liver and probiotic-rich fermented foods to help improve kishechnikom:

Just want to say, nothing wrong with that for a couple of weeks to give up bad habits, start eating more plant products and to exchange favorite sofa for long hours of walking, of course not. On the contrary, one continuous use. That's just the term "detox" all of the above is irrelevant. He appeared ninety years ago, and there was the detoxification medicine to maintain the health of people subjected to powerful toxic effects. The liver in the case of, for example, long-term work in the chemical industry may indeed cease to function normally. And on this multi-tasking. In addition to the synthesis of bile, bilirubin, cholesterol, replenishment of glycogen and vitamins A, D and B12 its main feature — the neutralization of xenobiotics, foreign to our body's chemical substances, neutralization and removal from the body hormones and toxic products of metabolism: ammonia, acetone, phenol and ethanol. Already from the description of the functions of the liver clear: if she is healthy, the toxins accumulate in it can't. If this happened, too late to drink Borjomi and dietary Supplements, here about urgent hospitalization to think at the time. With the plaques in the gut all the more interesting. None of the doctors never saw. There was even a scandal, when patients one detox center sold pills that their outputs. In fact the pills contained a plasticating substance. She came out from the body, but the placebo effect has been achieved, people believed that now they would live happily ever after. Constantly wash the intestines is a risky business, there is a serious risk to violate the natural microflora.

Нужен ли организму детокс: история заблуждений

Best product for powerful detoxification of the body – seaweed. Kelp contains alginic acid that has the ability to bind and excrete heavy metals and radioactive substances, without disturbing the flora, kishechnikom:

In short, a modern detox programs it would be more honest to call holistic sanative. You keep on calorie reduced and you lose weight. Spend more time outdoors and increase physical activity that contributes to the restoration of the functions of sleep and improve the complexion. The rest is pure marketing. After all, to lay out hard earned money for the teacher, which in the morning throws you for a walk, no one is ready, but to spend money on new-fangled wonder method retreat is designed in the form of cupcakes salad composition of broccoli leaves, chicory, and celery — is another matter.

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