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Medications that should not be taken to the drivers

Not all tablets allow you to get behind the wheel

Most are familiar with the law prohibiting driving a vehicle in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. However, few know about the danger to remain without rights after taking "harmless" drugs. Tell you what medicines you should refrain before you get behind the wheel.

Alcohol-containing medications

In the first place is the drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases: a drop on the basis of ethyl alcohol and pills, which includes this component. Also, the ethanol may be present in the composition of the painkillers and antipyretics, most popular antibiotics.

Лекарства, которые не стоит принимать водителям

Alcohol consumption behind the wheel of a threatened deprivation прав

Important note: if you have an accident or another accident, nervous please refrain from the intake of the above medications until the medical examination of employees of traffic police or medical laboratories. Otherwise, the test results can show the presence of alcohol, which is an indication to the forfeiture and imposition of penalty.

Medications containing psychotropic substances

The decree of the RF Government dated 30.06.1998 №681 (ed. by 29.07.2017) includes a list of narcotic and psychotropic substances, and also substances involved in the reaction of their formation, the circulation of which on the territory of Russia is prohibited or strictly regulated. For example, it includes:

  • codeine, found in some cough medicines, painkillers and fever-reducing medicines;
  • phenobarbital, which is part of preparations for treatment of cardiovascular diseases, sedatives, analgesics, and antispasmodics.


Medication to treat allergic reactions in the most part do not contain banned substances, however, cause a threat to vehicle control reactions. For example, sleepiness, the slowing down of the Central nervous system.

Лекарства, которые не стоит принимать водителям

Not all pills can be drunk before поездкой

Drugs against diarrhea and vomiting

Often the composition of these medicines includes the active ingredients loperamide and metoclopramide, which are not prohibited by law, but tend to slow down the reactions of the CNS. Additionally affect vision — pupils dilate, which creates the effect of image blur.

Antipsychotics, sleeping pills and treatment of motion sickness

These drugs also slow the nervous system, therefore, can affect a driver's attentiveness on the road and reaction speed in dangerous situations.

Important note: the chronic administration of the active substance is excreted from the body up to 5 days, at one-time for 5-10 hours.


Drug charges, which include Valerian, motherwort, peony, skullcap, lemon balm, mint, etc., have a calming effect on the body. They strongly influence the rate of reaction of the driver, which is dangerous when one is driving.

Лекарства, которые не стоит принимать водителям

Some drugs can заснуть

Form release medications

Please note that it is forbidden and not recommended to drink the medication can be released not only in the form of drops, tablets and powders, also produce them in the form of eye and ear drops, suppository, etc. the Time of excretion of the active substance can "drag" up to 5 days in advance, plan the reception together with your doctor or refrain from driving.

Execute not pardon

Based on the positive results of a medical examination in the court transmitted the case of deprivation of rights. If the allowable alcohol content in exhaled air is 0.16 mg / l and 0.35 mg in the blood, then the content of narcotic or psychotropic substances in the urine are not regulated by law. This means that if any, even residual, the quantity of substances you "automatically" lose their rights.

Always carry your prescription with you to prescribe with personal seal of the doctor, if necessary, present it to the police until he "sends" you to a medical examination.

Лекарства, которые не стоит принимать водителям

Others simply dull внимание

Important note: before use, be sure to read the instructions. In the section "Special instructions", the manufacturer indicates whether a combination of medication and driving.

Remember that the vehicle a source of danger. Careful driving, because you are responsible not only for their own lives, but the lives of other road users. Do not risk in vain. Good luck on the road!

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