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Good-bye, cellulite: the methods of struggle that will work for sure

Get rid of the effects of new year holidays

Surely you know the situation, when after a protracted feast stand on the scales and was horrified to discover I've put on a few pounds. Stop! Take the time to go on a diet. Follow our tips and you'll soon notice how transformed your body.

What is cellulite

Many women are frightened of the word "cellulite" presenting a picture in my head flabby legs and buttocks of older women. In fact, cellulite — not that other, as the stagnation in adipose tissue lymphatic fluid responsible for the metabolism in the body. Lymph accumulates in fat cells, they increase in size, resulting in a visually deformed appearance of the skin on the buttocks and thighs. The workaround is simple — to help the lymph to move faster through the body. This can be done at the expense of blood flow to cells or to accelerate the exchange as a whole.

Proper nutrition is the basis of everything

It is considered that the tone of the body provides just a sport. In fact, the formula taut figure: 70% nutrition and 30% sport. It is important to eat right, keeping a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and regularly (5-6 times a day), also not to forget about drinking regime. Driven to help you calculation formula calorie diet and daily intake of water.

Прощай, целлюлит: методы борьбы, которые точно сработают

Calculation of consumption medixine Parfenova

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