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Without any vitamins to do after 30

With age to maintain your body requires more vitamins. Lifeline vitamin-rich foods. Will tell you what to eat and drink, to always be in bloom

Unfortunately, over the years we are not getting any younger... But don't worry, because to preserve the skin elasticity and fresh colors of the face with the proper diet and training enough to drink vitamin supplements. The sooner you start to follow a balance of macro - and microelements in the body, the faster you will see the effect longer save it. Pre-physician submit to a blood test to understand what is missing to maintain health and which vitamins should be abandoned. We offer you a list of vitamins with an explanation of why it is important to each of them:

Vitamin A

The shortage: dryness and peeling of the skin, brittle hair and nails, decreased visual acuity, weak immune system.

Where found: red meat, liver (especially beef), sea fish, eggs, butter, egg yolk, dairy products, beans, green vegetables and yellow fruits — peach, apricot, Apple.

The group of fat-soluble vitamins, which are antioxidants. Responsible for the regeneration of new cells in the body, protein synthesis — muscle growth, strengthen bones and teeth, fighting infections. Thanks to vitamin A and faster recovery of damaged tissue, which is especially important with age — this process usually after 30 years is slowing. Vitamin A supports the health of the thyroid gland, where it "accumulates" some of the hormones responsible for your reproductive health.

Без каких витаминов не обойтись после 30

Sources of vitamin afoto:

Vitamin B

The shortage: dryness and peeling of the skin, brittle hair and nails, tics, muscle weakness, fatigue, slow memorization and memory lapses.

Where found: all types of meat, poultry and fish, offal — liver, heart, kidneys, etc., seafood, eggs, dairy products, bread from wheat flour, nuts, green vegetables, mushrooms, cereals.

During the aging process the metabolism in the body slows down — less digestible proteins, a significant portion of the carbohydrates deposited in fat, water stagnates in the cells. A group of water-soluble vitamins plays an important role in cellular metabolism — they are able to speed up the metabolism. Also b vitamins are responsible for the functioning of the liver, kidney and, most importantly, the heart — these bodies are gradually covered with fat, which slowly perform their functions in the body.

Без каких витаминов не обойтись после 30

sources of vitamin vphoto:

Vitamin C

The shortage: a weak immune system, weak blood vessels — bleeding gums, nosebleeds, bruising, fatigue, irritability, joint pain.

Where found: wild rose, buckthorn, currant, cranberry, kiwi, citrus, fruits red.

It is no secret that the older we are, the faster you get tired. Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, charges the body with energy also helps to strengthen bones, teeth and blood vessels. Vitamin responsible for metabolic rate and accelerates the formation of new connective tissue cells.

Без каких витаминов не обойтись после 30

in wild rose most of the vitamin spoto:

Vitamin D

When deficiency: pale skin, lots of wrinkles, muscle weakness, fatigue, irritability.

Where found: red meat, fish, seafood, citrus fruit, dairy products, eggs, greens.

Beauticians are advised to limit sun exposure to avoid the formation of age spots, dryness and premature aging of the skin. Adult body bad fights the harmful effects of solar radiation, so as prevention is better not to sunbathe for more than 15-20 minutes a day, and for the replenishment of vitamin D year-round to take it in the form of vitamins or drops, also with food and drinks. Vitamin D is responsible for our mood, health of the reproductive system, strong bones, teeth and muscles. Is a fat soluble vitamin, so taking it should with a drop of oil or butter.

Без каких витаминов не обойтись после 30

sunbathe no more than 15-20 minutes in dinhata:


The shortage: low skin elasticity, stretch marks, lots of wrinkles, dull skin color.

Where found: red meat, seafood, eggs, dairy products, green vegetables, greens.

Collagen — a protein responsible for tissue formation. It depends on the elasticity of our skin, this is especially important if you lose weight, get fat. For those who are involved in sports and wants to have strong muscles and a good stretch, are advised to take collagen optionally in the form of powders and capsules. This extra element will not be — all will be spent on the health of skin, hair and nails.

Без каких витаминов не обойтись после 30

collagen is beneficial for skin, hair and nogtevoe:

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