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Everything you wanted to know about waxing

Almost every woman goes through this painful procedure. will tell you how to minimize the costs and the pain of its implementation

Probably every woman dreams about smooth, slim and sparkling in the sun with legs. But the path to the feet of the dream is thorny and difficult: not all methods of hair removal sparing, to be honest. But the problem of ingrown hairs! Not to mention how much drain our wallet trips to the salon, where the procedure is not always carried out by skilled craftsman. Women are all in the pursuit of beauty, sometimes not noticing easier ways.

Important: there is no one single method of hair removal, it all depends on your individual circumstances, and therefore to choose the means you have for yourself. As we have said, a trip to the salon — a dubious pleasure, and not cheap. Today we will talk about efficient methods that will save your budget.


Shaver has long been included in the list for feminine hygiene items. Shaving is usually chosen as the easiest, cheapest and painless method. And this is justified because this method is suitable for almost any area of the body except the face. Never do not shave this area!

Все, что вы хотели знать о депиляции

Every woman dreams of a beautiful, negovoto:

Despite all the convenience, shaving has its contraindications, for example, dry and sensitive skin. You can seriously injure the skin, and then it will be difficult to achieve a pleasant appearance.

Disadvantage of shaving is that hair is cut at an angle, becoming acute and unpleasant, but when this thread begins to grow into the skin, life turns into a real torture. Many women mistakenly think that you can easily solve this problem by prising it with a needle. Not worth the hassle. In addition to blemishes, you will not achieve any results.

However, you should not write-shave off. It can become a rescue when hair removal must be done immediately. To reduce the risks of irritation to a minimum, use special tools, for example, gels and foams for shaving.


The essence of the epilator is that many pincetto work at the same time. Because of this, the procedure is quite painful and not always possible to achieve a result at a time.

Manufacturers are well aware of how unpleasant the procedure, therefore supply set with epilator is a small container with ice. Can use special gel for local anesthesia.

In fairness, the epilator is safer than razor, though, and causes more discomfort.

However, even the machine will not save you from ingrown hairs because the tweezers don't always grab the hair with the root. Therefore, for best results, before the procedure, at least for a couple of days, use a body scrub in the places that are going to wax.

Contraindications to the use of epilator is the varicose veins, so be careful.

Все, что вы хотели знать о депиляции

Use caring, redstate:


Another very painful way of hair removal wax. It is suitable for all parts of body even face, however for deep bikini look for another tool, but better relax in the hands of the salon. The procedure is not for the faint of heart.

That the procedure is successful, it is important to degrease the area that you are going to "use". No need to steam the skin, because the wax itself is hot. Before the procedure heat the strips in his hands. Then apply the patches on the skin, smooth out the line of hair growth, wait a little and break sharp movement.

The waxing there is one big advantage over other methods: the effect lasts quite a long time, so women are willing to put up with all inconveniences. You may be happy that after a few sessions the hairs become thinner and the procedure is much easier.

Все, что вы хотели знать о депиляции

Waxing allows you to save the effect of nadaljevati:

Hair removal cream

These creams contain moisturizing ingredients that care for sensitive skin during the procedure.

Hair removal cream suitable for even the most sensitive skin, and therefore very popular. Especially often this method removes hair in the bikini area.

The only danger is creams is expired. Without a doubt dispose of expired cream, otherwise you may face unpleasant consequences for the skin. If before using the cream you for a long time used the razor, the cream may not "take" some are too stiff hairs. Everything failed to remove the cream, you can tweeze tweezers.

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