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Perfect Boobs: everything you need to know before you go to the doctor

Plastic surgeon Stanislav Yekimov, which is included in the list of "Top plastic surgeons" innovative techniques for correcting the shape of the breast

Innovative techniques of correction of a breast represented by the following types of procedures:

Mastopexy — breast lift by removing excess skin and move the areola and nipple to a more aesthetic position.

Endoscopic breast augmentation — a method in which insertion of implants is carried out through the armpit.

Lipolifting — method of correction of the shape and size of the breast, when used instead of implants fat pumped from other areas of the body.

Memorable — breast reduction by removing fat and glandular tissue, stretched skin.

Why are these methods considered to be innovative? First, they allow you to get a great result with no visible effects (scars, scars, etc.). Second, the period of recovery after these operations is usually not more than a week. You will then be able to return to the usual rhythm of life. Thirdly, all of these procedures have minimal risks of complications.

What problems allow to solve the given technology?

Modern techniques of mammoplasty can solve almost all aesthetic and medical problems:

Asymmetry of breast or nipple.

The presence of very small Breasts.

Excessive increase or hypertrophy of breast.

Mactopolis (drooping Breasts).

Sagging Breasts after childbirth.

In addition, often resort to breast implants and men. The indication for correction of the breast is often gynecomastia (breast enlargement).

Идеальная грудь: все что нужно знать перед тем, как обратиться к врачу

After surgery it reduced physical, agrosokrat:

How safe to date, innovative techniques for the correction of Breasts?

Any surgery is a risk, but modern plastic surgery as to minimize them. This contributes to the preparatory phase, which involves the complete examination of the patient, modeling, study of anatomical features, etc., and the use of modern technical equipment and the specific techniques. More specifically, when the right approach in 99% of the operation is successful.

Are there any contraindications for using these techniques?

Mammoplasty is contraindicated in persons with serious diseases: intolerance to anesthesia, septic status, heart disease, and cancers. In addition, often doctors advise to refrain from surgery to childbirth.

What is the preparation for plastic surgery?

Of course, the first thing the patient must undergo a full clinical examination which includes:


Chest x-rays.

Examination by General practitioner and gynaecologist.

Laboratory studies.

The scheme of examination is determined individually, depending on patient characteristics and the existence of various diseases. The results of the survey can be assigned to pre-treatment.

The preparation involves the refusal of hormonal contraceptives, of drugs containing salicylates (Aspirin, Diclofenac and other anti-inflammatory drugs), alcohol and Smoking.

Идеальная грудь: все что нужно знать перед тем, как обратиться к врачу

You must answer the question: "do you Like your Breasts? Do you feel comfortable with it?"Photo:

What difficulties beset the woman in the postoperative period?

The most important is the need to reduce physical activity. You will have to take time off from sports, running and other activities until complete recovery. It is also possible soreness and some stiffness in the movements. This is a standard consequences of such operations, which are fully held in the first week.

Otherwise, with proper operation, the patient remains fully operational.

How often there are complications after cosmetic breast surgery?

With proper preoperative preparation, postoperative care and the implementation of the operations the risk of complications is minimal. The main thing — to choose the right clinic and just follow the instructions of the doctor.

What can you advise to those who wants but does not dare to undergo plastic surgery on his chest?

You must answer the question: "do you Like your Breasts? Do you feel comfortable with it?". If not, then you should definitely contact the surgeon, because of dissatisfaction with their own breast, can cause strong complexes and the inability to live a full life. Also, do not forget that sometimes, breast augmentation is not only an aesthetic surgery but also medical, which may affect your health.

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