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Be like Kim Kardashian: increase the buttocks correctly

On what buttock augmentation surgery, and about the intricacies of this operation, says plastic surgeon Alexander Sokolov

Many women are dissatisfied with the shape or firmness of their buttocks. No matter how much they tried to fix it with special diets or physical exercise, the result is often far from desirable. It is much easier to correct the situation by the methods of plastic surgery. The operation, which will make you the winner of the priests like a Kardashian, called gluteoplasty.

Buttock augmentation is an operation that allows to change the shape or volume of the buttocks, to get rid of sagging or sagging skin with the help of dental implants. Buttock augmentation is today popular not only among women but also among men. It solves such a common problem as a lack of body fat and sagging skin in the buttocks due to the strong weight loss. Flat butt, steel butt, the gluteal fossa is the indication to perform the buttock augmentation. Contraindications to surgery can be serious diseases: diabetes, renal or cardiac insufficiency, blood diseases.

Стать как Ким Кардашьян: увеличиваем ягодицы правильно

The lack of volume of the buttocks - frequent problematico:

Similar to the implants for breast augmentation, implants glutamine hypoallergenic, body-safe, reliable (does not explode, does not burst, does not leak) and do not require replacement. Leading manufacturers of implants give their products a lifetime warranty. The installation of the implants does not impose any restrictions after the surgery, the girl can do sports as usual, to lead an active lifestyle.

Glutamine implants vary in shape and size. Most anatomical implants are considered oval. Choose them when you want to add volume to the gluteal muscles, while maintaining maximum naturalness. Round can achieve a sexy Brazilian forms that are today at the peak of popularity.

Стать как Ким Кардашьян: увеличиваем ягодицы правильно

Exercise do not always help to correct, formatto:

Gluteale the implant is placed under the gluteus Maximus muscle, under the fascia of the gluteus Maximus muscle or between the muscle fibers through a small incision under General anesthesia. The operation lasts on average 2-3 hours soreness, swelling and discomfort go through 3-5 days. The first three months after surgery, it is necessary to wear compressive underwear. 3 months after the buttock augmentation, you can return to normal life, full rehabilitation takes up to 6 months. Complications after surgery are associated, as a rule, failure to comply with the recommendations of the attending physician during the postoperative period, or by errors made during surgery. To minimize the risk of complications, it is important to seriously approach the issue of choice of doctor and clinic.

The final result of the operation is evaluated after 6 months. During this time, the implants become completely accustomed, cease to be felt as something alien, and the buttocks take their final shape and form, become the pride of their owner and the object of admiring looks from the side.

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