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Flu epidemic: what should I do

According to Rospotrebnadzor, the epidemiological threshold for influenza exceeded in 43 Russian regions and 26 countries of Europe. learned how to protect themselves and steps to take if a family had someone sick

Now, when the body is weakened long winter, to help yourself can be proper nutrition, taking vitamins, clear allocation of workloads and quality sleep. It is also better to refuse to visit places where there can be a lot of people. And does not weaken your body with excessive alcohol use, Smoking, and strict diet.

On sleep you have to leave yourself at least 7-8 hours, during this time, the body can not only relax, but also to recover, which will increase its resistance to viruses and bacteria. Go to bed before 11 PM. From the diet is better to exclude fast food and store bought sweets. Try to include in your daily menu kefir or yogurt, which contain beneficial bacteria. In the diet should daily log-protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. You can boil the cranberry juice, tea with lemon and ginger. Don't forget about the popular method to eat raw onions and garlic — only on the condition that you have no problems with the gastrointestinal tract. By the way, the garlic can be crushed, spread out on saucers and place around the apartment. It contains volatile — substances that inhibit or kill microbes. But with this method you have to be careful if someone in your family has allergies. Instead of garlic you can use oil to drip on the battery conifer or citrus oil, tea tree or eucalyptus.

If, nevertheless, someone from the household was ill, it is necessary to try to isolate, to provide him a separate room. This will help to the patient, which can be annoying at this point any sounds. He must also individual dishes, towel, linen.

The flu virus is very volatile, therefore, the apartment must be regularly aired, to do daily wet cleaning, wipe all surfaces, especially door handles, light switches, remotes, and phones. All households need as often as possible to wash hands with soap and water. But with the masks it is better to be careful, as their incorrect use can lead to the opposite effect. Mask should be changed every half hour.

As prevention you can use antiviral drugs, which are applied to the nasal mucosa. You can consult with a doctor, observing the patient, and to start taking antiviral drugs on a special prevention scheme. Experts recommend regularly rinse the nose with saltwater. This must be done in the morning and upon returning home, especially from places where there were a lot of people.

And most importantly, you need to remember that the flu is dangerous complications. One of the main signs of this disease is a sharp rise of temperature above 38 degrees — at the same time before you feel normal. In this case, you need to stay home and call a doctor. The flu cannot be transferred to the legs and even more so to self-medicate, "assigning" myself an antiviral drugs or antibiotics.

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