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Vacuum for slimming the waist — the benefits and harms

Models and bloggers of beauty industry polls suggest vacuum, giving the exercise of various virtues. Whether so it actually?

Vacuum is a common yoga breathing technique. Regular exercise does have a beneficial effect on the body, though not for everyone. Before you start doing it, you need to make sure you have no contraindications.

Who can make the vacuum

  • Operations on the abdominal cavity. If you have recently had surgery on the abdominal organs or muscles, then you should abandon vacuum at least six months. Before performing the exercises consult your doctor.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system. The main contraindication to vacuum — the need to hold your breath for a long enough period of time, which pressure will change.
  • Lung disease. As this breathing exercise the main load goes to the lungs. You need to inhale and exhale large volumes of air, which is contraindicated in lung disease.
  • Diseases of the abdominal organs. During vacuum actively working the abdominal muscles, due to their voltage you are emptying his lungs of air. At diastasis after pregnancy, stomach ulcers or any chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage to the exercise is prohibited.
  • The critical days. During menstruation a woman's body is experiencing considerable load, the vacuum will only strengthen them. However, those who exercises regularly and does not feel discomfort during the critical days, experts do not recommend to take a break.
  • Pregnancy. Execute vacuum during pregnancy can cause miscarriage — take care of the health of the unborn child and postpone the implementation in the postnatal period.

Вакуум для стройности талии — польза и вред

The vacuum helps to reduce inches in telefoto:

How useful a vacuum

  • The main benefit of the vacuum when regularly performed, is to reduce the volume of the abdominal cavity, i.e. the abdomen becomes flat. The exercise uses the abdominal muscles, especially the transverse abdominis — it is under the sacred cubes. Transverse muscles support the internal organs, accordingly, it controls how much they stick out belly. If the muscle is strong, it is similar to "armor" — your belly is tucked in flat.
  • Vacuum positive impact on the health of the digestive system — exercise helps speed up digestion and thus overcome constipation.
  • An important effect is the maintenance of skin tone. When you get used to do a typical breathing techniques, you can begin to make circular movements of the belly like a dancer dancing. During this will gently massirovala as internal organs and the skin layer. To accelerate metabolism in the lymphatic layer, and hence the fat will slowly accumulate in the abdomen.
  • Вакуум для стройности талии — польза и вред

    This exercise works the muscles of pressefoto:

    How to make a vacuum

    If you have never made a vacuum, it will be easier to begin the exercise from the basic position. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bend your torso by putting both palms to support the hips. Gently inhale the air and exhale it as much as I can. Pull your stomach — it should almost stick to the ribs. Wait 5-10 seconds, then relax. Repeat this 10-15 times. Every day increase the time holding your breath, and a number of approaches. Gradually when you will learn the basic techniques, will be able to perform the circular movements of the abdomen and push the abdominal rectus muscles forward and backward is a more complicated version of the exercise.

    Вакуум для стройности талии — польза и вред

    Over time you will learn the technique of vypolneniyu:

    Rules of vacuum

    • To do this exercise only with an empty bladder and an empty stomach — do not eat or drink a minimum of 4 hours prior to execution. It is better to have vacuum in the morning before Breakfast or evening before bedtime.
    • Wear clothes that does not hinder your movement and allows you to breathe freely.
    • First, while you learn the technique, do the exercise near a mirror, standing sideways to him. So you can control yourself.
    • The vacuum should not take more than 10 minutes per day, otherwise on the lungs and the press will be too much load. In addition, the surplus of oxygen can get a headache.
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