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Reasons why you Wake up in the night - Beauty and health

Do not always get a good night's sleep, but if the problem bothers you a long time, advise what to do

Maria Блавацкая6 Mar 2019 06:3146350

Причины, почему вы просыпаетесь среди ночи - Красота и здоровье -

why it is difficult for us to sleep?Photo:

You that happens from time to time? If your answer is "Yes", maybe you can help a small adjustment in life, such as changing the mode of the day. However, you should pay attention to the problem and to visit a specialist if you Wake up regularly and you did not help.

We found 5 reasons why people sleep badly at night. Is it possible to somehow fix the situation on their own?

You will then cold, then hot

Adequate sleep is necessary to control the temperature in the room where you are going to get to sleep. Too warm air will definitely impede this process: you will want to open up, will spin and eventually fall asleep. The same if the temperature is too low: always want to hide, begin to sneeze, and sleep like a hand shoots.

Причины, почему вы просыпаетесь среди ночи - Красота и здоровье -

maintain optimum temperature in Canaletto:

What to do

Try to achieve the ideal temperature for sleep, which is approximately 15 degrees, for this ventilate the room and put a heater if the room is not heated independently.

In the presence of a small child in the family, the room temperature should be about 20-22 degrees.

The so-called nocturia

You may be bothered by frequent urination at night only. This condition is called "nocturia". Most people have all the vital processes go into standby mode at the time of sleep, but a deviation like frequent urination can seriously complicate life.

Причины, почему вы просыпаетесь среди ночи - Красота и здоровье -

be sure to consult a specialist if this doesn't pomogaete:

What are the symptoms

Several times during the night your body makes you Wake up and go to the toilet immediately.

What to do

Try to avoid drinking large amounts of fluid before bedtime. This is especially true of beverages containing caffeine. In the absence of a positive effect contact a specialist. Possible causes: pregnancy, infection, kidney problems, possible diabetes.


The situation is quite common. By the way, this is one of the most common reasons why people is either difficult to sleep or sleep is interrupted. As we get older, deep sleep is shortened, and the person becomes easily Wake up. In addition, the reason may lie in growing with age, chronic diseases that can also become an obstacle to healthy sleep.

Причины, почему вы просыпаетесь среди ночи - Красота и здоровье -

the problem can be solved literate, laciniate:

What to do

If the matter is in constant anxiety or depression, your doctor will prescribe you some sedatives that should ease your condition. Remember that any medication prescribed physician, self-medication can result in new problems you did not expect. Most sleeping pills are addictive after prolonged use.


Alcohol helps to instantly fall asleep, but it won't be long and productive. In addition, restless sleep can lead to mental disorders.

What to do

Abstain from alcohol in favor of a sound sleep and good overall health. In an extreme case, do one glass of a quality drink.

Restless legs

Many people have a problem when the person wakes up suddenly because of the strong contraction of the muscles, legs involuntarily start to twitch. The problem is psychological, and it is required to decide not to run. Perhaps the person is accompanied by this symptom during the day but by evening the condition worsens. This is a direct indication for referral to a specialist.

What to do

First, you need to exclude alcohol and Smoking. Independently perform a gentle foot massage, take warm baths, use heating pads that along with therapy from a specialist will bring a welcome effect.


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