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5 myths about training that we believe - Beauty and health

Around the topic of fitness soars a lot of legends to expose the bad advice of inexperienced coaches

Ksenia Парфенова4 March 2019 12:1245230

5 мифов о тренировках, в которые мы верим - Красота и здоровье -

some myths still byteoutput:

During exercise can not drink

Indeed, some people feel heaviness in the stomach if you drink water during a workout. However, this exception only proves the rule: drink during sports can and should! Due to the lack of water reduced the effectiveness of the exercise — with the aim of saving moisture shrink blood vessels, slowing metabolism, decreased production of sweat. As a result, you not only risk damaging the heart not able to pump blood through the narrowed vessels, but you risk getting a heat stroke. In 1984, the Swiss runner during the run of the marathon distance at the Olympic games failed to cross the finish line on the last kilometers of non-compliance with drinking regime to the girl it became bad. Seasoned athletes are advised to drink water in small SIPS throughout the workout, about 250-500 ml, depending on the load intensity. To maintain the energy you can add a few spoons of powdered amino acid — you can buy them at any sports nutrition store.

5 мифов о тренировках, в которые мы верим - Красота и здоровье -

you can drink and oinofita:

After a workout, not eating

Unqualified coaches advise young women who want to quickly lose weight, refrain from eating after a workout — supposedly increased appetite, and you'll require just as much "burned", if not more. Others, on the contrary, the first thing after workouts, eat fast carbs — banana, granola bar or drink a weight gainer. I advise you not to listen to neither one nor the other. After the lesson, should wait 10-15 minutes for the heart rate recovered — the process of digestion will put additional strain on the heart. After some time eat as usual — it could be chicken breast with vegetable medley and any of cereal or a protein shake. Feel your body and eat when you want, even at 10pm — harm to the figures will not. It is important that food fits into a daily calorie, and the time of consumption does not matter.

Cardio workouts help to lose weight

Girls who have just started to gym and have a tangible weight, I advise you to first reset it through cardio workouts. We partly agree with this advice. Indeed, aerobic exercise help to strengthen the heart and blood vessels, preparing them for heavier loads, like strength exercises. However, if you do not have excess weight, you can successfully get in shape, combining both loads. It is proved that in the aerobic training most calories "burned" during class, when anaerobic after him. Do not hurry to run to the gym if you ate a chocolate bar or went beyond the daily energy intake from one "violation" mode, nothing will happen.

5 мифов о тренировках, в которые мы верим - Красота и здоровье -

cardio workouts should be combined with sylvietta:

Training should last a little over an hour

Don't look at men the training process which is somewhat different. They do practice for 1-1. 5 hours due to the large break between sets- need to recover in order to raise mounted on the rod weight. Women are not advised to stretch the training on a time — 30-40 minutes is enough to perform 5-6 exercises in several approaches. Rest between sets should last 20-30 seconds. If you perform the exercise at an intense pace, you will not only save you time, but also quickly see the result. Start with basic exercises — squats, bench press, deadlift and proceed to work on specific muscles to "kill" them.

Knees must not go beyond socks

It's amazing that during the training for trainers future trainers for so many years insisted that the knees can't go beyond socks at the bottom of squats. They passed on wrong information to their wards, those friends. A myth has grown so common that most are still confident and tell him. It is actually due to the physiology — of all people it is different. If your knees flexible and you do not feel discomfort during the exercise, there is no risk of damage to the kneecap or hamstring. To maintain joint health collagen drink, calcium and eat right.

5 мифов о тренировках, в которые мы верим - Красота и здоровье -

knees can marry, nociforo:


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