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Than to indulge in on March 8 - Beauty and health

Best fresh new items that are perfect to spring holiday

Julia Амелина5 Mar 2019 19:1643360

Чем порадовать себя на 8 Марта - Красота и здоровье -

Eva Modestto: materials of press-services

The aroma of Avon Eve Truth from Avon

The mineral magnetite, may seem not the most appropriate component of the flavor, however, it is literally "fuses" the notes of the new perfume in a single unit. A bouquet of this composition is amazing. At first you feel a delicate aroma of black currant that complement the juicy notes of pomegranate and an Indian carambola. Next Avon Eve Truth reveals a bouquet of pink flowers is joined together expressive peony, honey Gardenia and freesia. Train song — velvet musk and warming sensual duet of amber and cedar.

Чем порадовать себя на 8 Марта - Красота и здоровье -

Photo: materials of press-services

According to the French perfumer Laurent Le Genneka, who created this "magnetic" fragrance, Avon Eve Truth "expresses the contradictory nature of womanhood, in which a special combination of advantages and disadvantages, elegance, sensuality and strength." By the way, the face of the perfume became a Hollywood diva Eva Mendes, which not coincidentally is one of the most attractive Actresses thanks to the fact that it always emphasizes its natural beauty.

Fragrance Ungaro Gold from Emanuel Ungaro

Чем порадовать себя на 8 Марта - Красота и здоровье -

Photo: materials of press-services

This fragrance is like liquid gold, melting on the skin. In its upper tones, bright splashes of orange, they are responsible for the freshness of the perfume. They perfectly set off the delicate taste of the pear sorbet and Cassis. Heart notes — a rich bright Jasmine, complemented by sensual peony and the Gardenia. Well, dark earth aroma of patchouli allied with vanilla and amber-wood notes for a sophisticated and sensual trail.

The Woman Daring fragrance from bruno banani fragrances

Чем порадовать себя на 8 Марта - Красота и здоровье -

Photo: materials of press-services

Usually the problem of all flavors, even the most persistent, is that after a couple of hours, their presence is almost imperceptible. So, in this regard, new from bruno banani fragrances — is a real breakthrough. Thanks to the innovative Time Release technology, the fragrance is a Daring Woman reveals its seductive notes again and again throughout the day. The bottom line is this. Natural sugar molecule attracts the oil in the Central cavity and enveloping them water-soluble shell. Being present in the formula of the fragrance, the molecule that absorbs the essential oil in its heartwood, blocking the smell as long as moisture will not dissolve the outer shell and will not release the perfume. If that sounds too complicated and scientific, just trust me: once you meet, for example, an interesting man, and you have the body temperature rises, the fragrance Daring Woman begins to act with a new force.

But there is an amazing song — on the one hand, daring, very sensual. Top notes — a delightful bouquet of sparkling bergamot, velvety peach and green Apple. In the heart of the fragrance connected with orange and rose colors whose feminine accented by spicy resinous hint of cedar. Well, the trail sensually entwined sandalwood, musk and benzoin.


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