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Protect skin from chlorine: safety rules in the pool - health and Beauty -

In an effort to obtain the figure of dreams, we sometimes forget about the biggest and most delicate organ. tell me how to preserve the beauty from exposure to harmful substances in the water

Maria Блавацкая11 March 2019 16:1540030

Защищаем кожу от хлорки: правила безопасности в бассейне - Красота и здоровье -

protected coutto:

Many girls in pursuit of a beautiful body is engaged in various types of physical activity. One of the most popular ways to tidy up the figure — weekly swims in the pool. However, as you know, some disinfectants negatively affect our skin. The pool is decontaminated with ultraviolet light, ultrasound, but often dangerous bacteria are killed with chemicals, which may remain on the skin.

We'll show you how to preserve the health and beauty of your skin after swimming.

Защищаем кожу от хлорки: правила безопасности в бассейне - Красота и здоровье -

dampen hair in the shower before you go to basseinoe:

What needs to be done before going to the pool

If you go to the pool they have with the same frequency to maintain an adequate hydration of the skin, preventing its dehydration. In the case of sufficient moisture, the skin is able to cope with the possible problems. Just for this, and needed continuous care.

Before you fall into the water, take a shower with cleanser. It is necessary to wash away the natural release of the skin and various bacteria that you could bring from the street and from public transport until getting to the pool. In addition, if you neglect hygiene procedures, chlorine can react with substances left on the skin. Also, do not make even minimal make-up before going to the pool.

In order not to hurt the hair, soak them in the shower — wet hair is not so actively "cling" chemical.

Purchase a rubber swimming cap and goggles, to minimize contact with chlorinated water.

What to do after a session in the pool

As before entering the water, after the pool you need to stand under the shower for at least a minute. It is important to rinse off the chlorine shower gel. Try to avoid funds with an aggressive structure, because the skin is so depleted, it is not necessary to aggravate the situation.

Even better, if you use the scrub to be sure to clean the skin from harmful substances. But do not get carried away: scrub and peeling can be used even a few times a week.

After you take a shower, apply moisturizer on the skin, namely on the face. Because of the chlorine will disturb the natural balance of the skin, so the moisture evaporates from the surface with a vengeance. Components that are part of the moisturizers and have a beneficial effect on the skin, are D-panthenol, sesame oil, marshmallow root extract.

Защищаем кожу от хлорки: правила безопасности в бассейне - Красота и здоровье -

the pool is treated quite aggressively, ventulett:

When you can't go to the pool

If the skin is fresh wounds and scratches. Wait three to four days until complete healing, otherwise you risk to get an infection.

After getting a tattoo. In this case, water treatment is prohibited for 3 weeks until full recovery.

After a fresh piercing. It all depends on the body part where you make the puncture. If the ear lobe heals relatively quickly, the hole in the navel about half a year.

Защищаем кожу от хлорки: правила безопасности в бассейне - Красота и здоровье -

be sure to use the shower before and after seansoft:

After hair removal. You should wait a few days.

If the skin has rashes and irritation. You can aggravate the situation, if in the period of exacerbation immediately go to the pool.


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