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Tattooing of the areola: the "pros" and "cons" - Beauty and health

Valeriya Barchenko, the legislator of fashion and aesthetics Permanent Make-up in Russia and Europe, says who need this procedure

Valeria Барченко11 Mar 2019 19:2898190

Татуаж ареолы: все «за» и «против» - Красота и здоровье -

All the "pros" and "cons" of tattooing, areolite:

Agree, the Breasts should be beautiful not only in form but also visually, and this means that clothes, you should not be ashamed of the look of your areola. Of course, testimony to dermatologo areolas (tattooing the areola) of the breast are aesthetic and they are aimed primarily at making woman feel even more beautiful, attractive and sexy.

For example, you can experience the awkwardness from the fact that the area around the nipples you have some kind of colorless that makes you complex. Another reason — skin diseases, one of which is vitiligo, that can cause skin pigmentation. The reason can also be the natural asymmetry of the region of the nipple. It would seem that a small aesthetic flaws in this quite intimate area, however, they cause insecurity, complexes and even problems in your personal life. Tattooing of the areola helps to solve not only aesthetic problems, but also psychological, giving the women confidence.

To the separate group of patients include those who in the past have resorted to increasing mammoplasty with silicone implants. In our country, especially popular is the circumareolar method of breast enlargement — where surgery and implant placement occurs through an incision around the areola. This method allows to minimize the number of postoperative scars — they remain mainly in the area around the nipple, and therefore less visible than in other types of mammoplasty, when the incision is placed under the breast. However, after replacement of most of the women want to get rid of any consequences of the intervention and to disguise scars in the region of the areola. One of the most reliable and safest ways is dermatitus areolas.

Татуаж ареолы: все «за» и «против» - Красота и здоровье -

Who shows the tattooing of the areola?Photo:

Dermatitus shown areolas after mastectomy or after breast reconstruction with implants: it can almost completely restore the drawing color of the areola.

In a sense, the tattooing of the areola helps to visually solve the problem of saggy breast with ptosis of the first degree, when the ptosis is not yet so strongly pronounced, and the volume of the chest is sufficient.

To cons procedures of dermatologa can be attributed only to the wrong choice of specialist and salon, where you have applied. Keep in mind that tattoo parlors use your pigments, which do not always look natural. Masters of permanent make-up applied other pigments that help to achieve a more natural and natural shade. It is very important that the master was a true professional, because this sensitive area requires more than the usual attention to yourself.

To the advantages of the procedure include the lack of a large list of contraindications. In patients after mammoplasty is a kind of bonus already passed all the tests and handed the necessary tests. As for the rest, the contraindications are: pregnancy, lactation, blood disease, susceptibility to scarring, cancer, uncompensated diabetes mellitus.

Procedure dermatologia belongs to the category of safe. During this operation the patient feels no pain, but, according to his desire, the master can give you a local anesthetic — often used cream anesthetic. As such the recovery period after tattooing areolas no: max is wearing the applications within 4-6 hours after the procedure, and then wiping the area of the areola of any alcohol-containing a means for more rapid healing. Not recommended for pools, saunas, sun decks and, of course, beaches.


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