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What is dangerous "syndrome of office" - health & Beauty -

For many, life passes in front of the computer and on the road, and home. Currently, scientists are sounding the alarm, as office workers harming their health. find out how

Tamara Астапенкова12 March 2019 11:0728230

Чем опасен «синдром офиса» - Красота и здоровье -

Office work accelerates the aging of organizatio:

It would seem that it can be dangerous in bright, warm office for the modern man? Doctors explain: air conditioning, artificial lighting, constant work with a computer and a sedentary lifestyle. These factors accelerate aging.

It is believed that the person sitting in front of a computer, are more likely to suffer eye, spine and wrist. Therefore, experts recommend every 45 minutes to break away from the monitor. To the eye rested, it is best to approach the window and look into the distance. If this is not possible, then you can close your eyes and massage the eyelids with your palms. To suffer less spine and hands need to properly adjust their chair, arms and legs should be bent at a 90 degree angle, tilt the back forward is allowed is very small — 20 degrees, the elbows should always be on the table. Of course, doing exercises with colleagues not everyone is capable of, but you can walk to the toilet, or even a printer. To do circular rotations of the shoulders and wrists, torso twists. At home it would be good to do a well-known exercise "boat" when laying on the stomach you raise both arms and legs. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the back.

Central heating, air conditioning and breath a large number of employees make the air in the office is very dry. If possible, you need to regularly ventilate the room. It is better to wear a thermal and water every 3-4 hours to spray the face. You also need to drink plain water. Not tea or coffee, and water. So the skin will be less dry. The ideal option can be called the purchase of the humidifier, but it is unlikely they will be put in all rooms. To help humidify the air plants.

Чем опасен «синдром офиса» - Красота и здоровье -

During lunch it is better to leave from your work, Estafeta:

Another problem is improper diet. Not everyone can afford to spend each day 200-300 rubles for the Lunches. So most of us take sandwiches and have lunch sitting, washing down the food sweet tea or coffee. Experts give in this case a definite answer: instead of sandwiches to take to work the nuts, dried fruit or fruit and vegetables. If you have the opportunity, during lunch it is better to leave your seat, because sitting in front of a computer you eat and continue to read something on the screen. If the office is not equipped kitchen or room for a meal, you can stroll around in the warm to eat outside or to go to the guests in the next room and dine there. As well as an option instead of a business lunch to take only soup. It is important not to sit back and eat normal food.

Also to add motor activity can be abandoning the Elevator, go to the stop earlier or walk to the subway. If you allow time and finances, it is best to three times a week to go to the gym or the pool, if this is not possible, it is necessary to do exercises every morning or stretching in the evening.


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