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Training diary: record of progress - health & Beauty - talks about an effective method of controlling the growth of muscles

Ksenia Парфенова18 March 2019 13:1416740

Дневник тренировок: фиксируем прогресс - Красота и здоровье -

the diary as a way to develop your telephoto:

Abroad, the practice of keeping a training diary is more common — foreigners slightly different attitude to achieving goals. Compatriots are getting used to write on paper or in the app on the smartphone of your successes, which only contributes an example of well-known coaches and athletes. Form a new useful habit — tells how to do it.

Prepare a diary

In a training notebook must be several columns — exercise taken and weight. You must also sign and date the kind of workout: arms/back and legs/buttocks or other combination. Celebrate the time of rest between sets and feel during the exercise — it's hard to run, and that, on the contrary, easily. At the end of the month is to take stock of the growth free weight every month the figure is expected to increase by 2-3 kg, if you constantly train and want to increase the amount of muscle. Get information about change of weight and volume — it is necessary every two weeks to a month to measure the shoulders, chest, waist, abdomen, buttocks, both biceps and forearms, thighs and calves.

Method of keeping a journal

Professional athletes fill in the diary in paper form, however there are many ways not worse than:

  • Table Excel. The software is convenient in that the field is already lined by cells — it is possible to make the names of the exercises in the leftmost column, and then sign the date of occupation and the weight lifted. You can also open the access file to other people — a coach will be able to monitor your results and offer tips to improve performance.
  • Ready-made templates. On the Internet you can download many free templates, which is enough to make information — save time for other activities.
  • App for phone. The smartphone is always near you, so bring in information about the occupation is not difficult. Some apps synchronized with a food diary and fitness tracker, so your phone will have full information about the training process.
  • Site. Some platforms are filled with articles about fitness and proper nutrition offer online format. To some it may seem more convenient — experiment.

Incentive for classes

If one easy to exercise regularly, others hardly force myself to go to class. Diary of disciplinary and involves you in the process, making sport of routines in goal — getting healthy and strong body. Moreover, you will remember how the weight lifted at last exercise and do not reduce performance. It is not always convenient to take a paper diary and a pen with you, so you can use a hack — enter summary information in notes or a phone app.

The choice of workout

Recording health in the long run you will be able to see how affects the quality of the body and mood of a specific type of training. It is possible that you are better dances than functional training — no need to force yourself to do what does not give you the practical use.


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