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Essential oils that help to lose weight - Beauty and health will tell you what it is and what they "eat"

Ksenia Парфенова19 March 2019 12:5116950

Эфирные масла, помогающие похудеть - Красота и здоровье -

studies have proven the effectiveness of terrestrial Masetto:

When we think of weight loss supplements and the lose weight process, hardly anyone pays attention to the essential oil. Usually people look at diet pills, powders diet and teas. However, recent overseas studies have shown that essential oils can truly help in weight loss when complying with a balanced diet and exercise.

What is essential oil?

You've probably heard of several popular types of orange, pine, tea tree. Usually compatriots use them in the bath, adding a few drops to water for steaming brooms or dripping onto the stove. The essential oil is obtained by distillation is a chemical process in which the product is heated, it vaporizes the oil, and this steam through a tube and transferred into another container, where it then cools down and turns into oil.

Эфирные масла, помогающие похудеть - Красота и здоровье -

the essential oil is obtained by distillation:

The use of essential oils

The essential oil has a characteristic aroma and preserves all the useful properties of the original plant. They can be applied, mixed with moisturizing creams and gels, they will help to maintain the skin tone, making it more elastic. Also, studies have proven that the scent of essential oils affects our mood and health, some increase appetite, while others reduce it. Before applying any oil need to consult a physician or allergist.

How essential oils help in weight loss

Because essential oils help to establish a psychological condition, they also contribute to weight loss doctors have long proved that losing weight should start from the work with the psyche. When your mental health is not OK, the body stores fat in case of external "threats" to maintain viability is a reaction that has been preserved from ancient times. Bringing health back to normal, the body naturally starts to get rid of excess weight. In the course of studies at the Chicago Institute of treatment of smell and taste have proved that essential oils of rosemary, peppermint, grapefruit, orange and other plants suppress appetite. According to scientists, enough "to take a deep breath 3-6 times each nostrils the smell of ether in order to remove hunger."

Эфирные масла, помогающие похудеть - Красота и здоровье -

correctly matched oil has a positive effect on zdorovetchi:

Best essential oils for weight loss

Essential oil appetite suppressants, contribute to the rapid saturation, which makes them effective helpers in the fight against obesity. At the same time they help to solve some health problems — bloating, fluid retention in the body, cellulite. The combination of aromatherapy and the use of oils in the creams give the most noticeable effect. Want to find out which oils really work? We offer you a list confirmed by clinical studies and published in the journal of the International community of sports nutrition, National medical Academy of the United States and other trusted sources.

1. Peppermint oil: helps to reduce the feeling of hunger, reduces the fatigue and improves concentration.

2. Grapefruit oil: speeds up metabolism and destroys fat cells.

3. Lemon oil: speeds up thought process and improves mood and promotes the breakdown of fat.

4. Oil of cinnamon: lowers blood sugar, reduces appetite and speeds up the saturation.

5. Lavender oil: helps to calm down, to control the anxiety and the desire to eat.

Expert in aromatherapy, Jane Buckle said about the two studies in her book "Clinical aromatherapy: essential oils in healthcare." In one study, participants were asked to use lavender oil, Mandarin oil and a placebo. After 6 weeks the results were as follows: the control group lost about 0.6 kg, the group that used the oil of Mandarin, lost 1.1 kg, and the group is applying lavender oil, have lost on average 2.4 kg.


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