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Ready for summer: methods of dealing with cellulite - health & Beauty -

With the onset of heat we have less clothing, but not all can boast of a perfect figure and skin. tell me how to put in order the body for beach season

Maria Блавацкая20 Mar 2019 00:5419710

Готовимся к лету: методы борьбы с целлюлитом - Красота и здоровье -

prepared to letefoho:

Summer is coming, which means clothes will become thinner and shorter. For girls it is a signal that it is time to take yourself to all the women turned around after you. Anyway, the summer is much easier to keep yourself in shape: there are a lot of do not want more.

The main disappointment for most women becomes the hated cellulite. Few people can boast perfect skin, untouched by the "orange peel". And as much as funds we offer modern cosmetology! And a variety of massages, body wraps, lymph drainage procedures, and much more. We picked up the available and best options for preventing unwanted bumps.


The main rule in the fight against cellulite — sport and any activity. However, sessions should be regular, otherwise no effect you will see. In addition to strengthening muscles through exercise you will improve circulation, lymph drainage from the problem areas, skin tone is significantly increased. Exercise at least half an hour daily, it is not so difficult, and the effect is worth it.

Готовимся к лету: методы борьбы с целлюлитом - Красота и здоровье -

more digitalfoto:


After exercise, take a shower, where it is desirable to use a special hard sponge. But do not RUB the problem areas too much — may develop stretch marks. For greater effect, you can prepare a special solution: per liter of water 2 tablespoons of sea salt and 1 tbsp vinegar. Use this formulation during bath procedures, but in the end, be sure to rinse with water.


Quite a costly procedure in the salon, but who said that the cabin light a wedge has converged? You may well yourself repeat the procedure at home. Against cellulite, there are several effective wraps:

Готовимся к лету: методы борьбы с целлюлитом - Красота и здоровье -

change recintato:


The honey moisturizes the skin while it stimulates the metabolic processes.

You simply need to apply honey on the skin and wrap with cling film. Leave it on the body for about 30 minutes, rinse with warm water and moisturize the skin. However, the whole procedure need to be carried out in warm — not hot — water, since honey can not stand too high temperatures.

Готовимся к лету: методы борьбы с целлюлитом - Красота и здоровье -

intensive training will lead to a resounding, rezultatyvumo:

Wrap with vinegar

Vinegar mix equal proportions with water (pure vinegar will not bring anything except burn). Soak in a solution of cheesecloth, spread it in problem areas and wrap with foil. As such, you need to spend about half an hour.


Massage a dry brush is one of the most effective methods. Note that the brush should be made of natural cloth. Massage called dry due to the fact that there is on dry skin with a dry brush to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Brush move along the massage lines, avoiding areas with lymph nodes is the area under the knees, inner thighs, groin.


All of the above methods do not work without compliance with at least the basic rules of nutrition. No need to go on a strict diet — she still will not help, eliminate the harmful products:

- canned food;

- fast food;

- baking;

- sweet;

- carbonated beverages;

- pickled vegetables and fruit.

Instead, enter in the diet of salmon fish, rye bread, fresh or steamed vegetables and of course drink more water.


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