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Why spring need to start with the examination - health and Beauty -

It became warmer, and we slowly began to think, how to bring yourself back to the beginning in order. Even to glance in the direction of the fitness room and to read about newfangled diets. But experts give other recommendations

Tamara Астапенкова20 March 2019 13:0616900

Почему весну нужно начинать с диспансеризации - Красота и здоровье -

Medical examinations need to take place, ezhegodnogo:

To start preventive examination with the therapist, who will paint the next steps. And even if the patient has no complaints, in each age group there are features that require the attention of specialists. For example, in adolescence the need to monitor hormonal, endocrine system. Girls and boys need to visit for the first time to the gynecologist and urologist. And regularly check the eyes, as in 12-14 years may occur ophthalmic problems. All, without exception, need every year to do x-rays, which will help to identify tuberculosis. People after 45 years it is necessary to check the cardiovascular system, to control cholesterol, to do EKG. Women after forty years should undergo regular examination by a mammologist and visit a gynecologist at least twice a year. Need to know what uterine fibroids, cervical cancer can be completely cured at an early stage. Today there are technologies that help women suffering from fibroids that save the uterus and give birth after treatment. Successfully exposed to the treatment of prostatitis and prostate adenoma. And the sooner the specialists will identify the problem and begin treatment, the less painful and long it will be. Fat people need to carefully monitor the blood sugar level, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. And, of course, we must not forget about the dental examinations, tooth is a chronic focus of infection.

Почему весну нужно начинать с диспансеризации - Красота и здоровье -

Natalia, Guidespot: materials of press-services

Natalia Gaydash,PhD, a skin oncologist

— A medical examination is necessary to pass each year. And than older people, the more you need to undergo a medical examination. Preferably every six months. Minimum diagnostic screening shall include the examination of General practitioner or family doctor, as is customary. And the results of the examination, the doctor prescribes the necessary tests and research.

To make their own tests are absolutely meaningless. Today, diagnostic equipment and screening techniques are constantly changing, and the patient just can't appoint yourself the most effective method of diagnosis of a disease. In addition, the patient himself will not be able to read and analyze. Most research is now paid, and it may be that the person renting costly but unnecessary tests, but will not make a vital.

The only screening study, which you can assign yourself — Dermatoscope. If you have moles, growths on the skin for them to follow.


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