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How to tighten Breasts without going to a plastic surgeon - Beauty and health

Nutritionist and certified Wellness coach Anna Makarova shared with options exercises that will help to visually enlarge the Breasts and make the chest area more attractive

Juliana Калашникова26 Mar 2019 10:2744810

Как подтянуть грудь без похода к пластическому хирургу - Красота и здоровье -

Is it possible to tighten the chest without going to a plastic surgeon?Photo:

The expression "tighten the chest" we mean it's a pectoral muscle, not the breast, — Anna. — We can not do anything, but to strengthen the chest muscles are some exercises.


With age almost everyone drops the chest, the shoulders move forward, you receive the stoop. Often because of this and the growth seems to be lower and the appearance of the Breasts are not so beautiful. So the first exercise for opening the chest. In the course of carrying loaded large pectoral muscles and latissimus dorsi, triceps additionally are utilized, gear and intercostal muscles, works the diaphragm, shoulders. "Pullover" can be different. Main method: lie across sports bench, your upper back against a bench, feet on the floor and bent at an angle slightly more than 90°, grab the dumbbell with both hands. Raise the dumbbell over your head in slightly bent at the elbows, the hands, inhale gently lower the dumbbell back and down behind your head, feeling like during abduction stretch the chest muscles. Try not to raise the pelvis. Beginners enough ten repetitions.

Как подтянуть грудь без похода к пластическому хирургу - Красота и здоровье -

Anna Makarovitch: materials of press-services


This exercise on the pectoral muscle. Breeding dumbbells you can do, also lying on a flat bench. If you put a bench in such a way that the head is above the feet, the load of the exercise is shifted to the upper part of the chest muscles. If the legs above the head to work harder include the lower parts of the chest.

Bench press

It can be a bench press with weights, bench press bar off your chest. If you work with classified (bar no weight), lie on a bench to the neck was over your eyes. Feet slightly apart to the sides, push your heels into the floor, bend at the waist, straighten your shoulders. Grasp the neck so that your index finger was on the far risk of the fretboard. On the exhale, lift the neck, moving it into a position so he was slightly above the bottom of the breast. Lower the neck to breath.


Push-UPS can be with a different inversion of the brush and arms, his arms already or wider by adjusting its strength. Pushups are considered the basic exercises, as it will involve all groups of the chest muscles and also back muscles. This exercise is particularly important for our posture. Beautiful posture — the first goal for everyone who wants to have a gorgeous bust.

By the way:

To make the skin in the chest and neck more supple and elastic, you need to pay attention to your diet. Especially the protein component is meat, fish, poultry, and seafood. Complete protein promotes the production of collagen and can play a huge role in building muscle mass. To improve tone the chest muscles, we should also consume whole grains and high-quality vegetables.


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