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5 ways to speed up your metabolism - health and Beauty -

Tips fitness trainers that will help you to gain slim figure

Ksenia Парфенова28 March 2019 15:1878993

5 способов ускорить метаболизм - Красота и здоровье -

A fast metabolism does not panatipata:

Metabolism, in simple terms, is metabolism. The more he works, the faster you lose weight. Fat cells attract water molecules, which accumulate in the body, forming a swelling. At the same time consumed calories more slowly converted into energy. The result you see on the scales increase, while the reflection mirror is not a perfect figure. know some effective methods to accelerate metabolism.

Water balance

Foreign research and practice of sports coaches proved that the quantity of water consumed directly affects the speed of metabolism. The more you drink, the less the body fluid is delayed, the body realizes that the moisture is supplied constantly, so it makes no sense to store it in case of "danger". This is especially important if you exercise regularly: when the body sweats, it evaporates the surface moisture, and re-entering the body water helps to replenish and prevent overheating. It is important to drink clean water without gas — it does not contain extra calories and safe for the body. Juices, tea, coffee and soda you can drink, but it is important to replace them water.

5 способов ускорить метаболизм - Красота и здоровье -

Drink plenty of bodyfat:


While running, group exercise or a quick walk are utilized almost all the muscles — they heat up and are active and consume energy. This automatically speeds up the metabolic processes in the body — fat cells are broken down and allocated energy goes to the maintenance of life. It is spent to align blood pressure, slow pulse, sweating and cooling of skin. At the same time the energy goes into the brain — coordination, balance, planning, duration, and speed, repetition of movements for a trainer and much more.

5 способов ускорить метаболизм - Красота и здоровье -

Running progrevaet, mistyfoot:

The mode of the day

The coaches say that it is not only important to eat right and exercise, but also to respect the day — to get up and go at the same time, to take breaks at work for exercise, to spend more time outdoors. Lack of sleep puts the body in the power saving mode is a natural biological process, remaining from the days when our ancestors were constantly in danger and had any forces to survive. Sedentary lifestyle and lack of fresh air also triggers the slowing of the metabolism — muscles not really working, the brain receives little oxygen, which is an additional stress factors.

Massage dry brush

If you have no contraindications to self massage, I advise you to make it a healthy habit. Use a brush made of artificial synthetic material or natural cactus fibers — they are tough enough to clean the skin from dead cells. Due to mechanical exposure to the skin is warmed up: rushing blood, accelerates the metabolism of lymph. I advise you to massage the skin while taking a shower, to less traumatize her — to move from the feet up, during the movement of lymph.

Skin steaming

Sauna and bath also have a positive effect on metabolic rate. During the heating of the skin the organism is actively sweating, which speeds up the heartbeat and increases blood pressure. At the same time, the skin becomes softer and cleaner. The additional effect you get if you combine steaming with hardening. Spill cold water between 15-minute sessions in the bath.

5 способов ускорить метаболизм - Красота и здоровье -

Go to the sauna a few times in mesazhet:


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