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Defects of appearance that don't notice men health and Beauty -

Many girls panic at the slightest inflammation on the face or in the recruitment of a few kilograms. And what he thinks about your partner? tell

Maria Блавацкая29 Mar 2019 08:547774617

Недостатки внешности, которые не замечают мужчины - Красота и здоровье -

the shortcomings that we preuvelichivaete.:

In the morning you come to the mirror and see their flaws. Many consider it the end of the world, as, in the opinion of the girls, what they notice, be sure to see all the others, especially men. We collected five "flaws", which are exaggerating and women hardly notice men.

Недостатки внешности, которые не замечают мужчины - Красота и здоровье -

the slightest weight gain is driving the girls in sportsestate:

Wrinkles and graying hair

Accept it as a fact — we age and, naturally, our skin and hair start to show age, this process is irreversible. Of course, the modern cosmetology for some time, will delay the appearance of major changes, but a huge number of wrinkle smoothing means on the shelf in the bathroom hardly will add you points in the eyes of your partner. Better small creases under eyes, what daily rituals in clay masks for her husband.

Men, by their own admission, do not consider it wrinkles something awful, especially if you live with this woman for a long time. Wife or girlfriend begin to be perceived warm and homey, a native person usually disadvantages like sprouting of gray hair and wrinkles didn't seem so "criminal".

A few extra pounds

Excess weight is one of the main female nightmares. And we are not talking about a few dozen, but even a couple of pounds, when a woman gets on the scale and not see the coveted figure, she begins to panic and horror is written to the gym/pool to drive away the hated "fat".

Men have a slightly different opinion on this matter. They do not see anything terrible in a few extra pounds. According to them, girls are always dissatisfied with their figure, so it is better to think about how often you repeat the phrase "I'm fat!". She annoys a lot more.

Недостатки внешности, которые не замечают мужчины - Красота и здоровье -

small gray does not harm your otnosheniyu:


Another horror of living in the head of the woman. "Orange peel" effect begins to affect behavior, even if it's not too noticeable: woman refuses things short and not go to the beach. Especially scary as this "defect" will react to a man, so ladies are doing everything to bring the skin in order as quickly as possible.

Again, men think cellulite is so awful, how women. And Yes, stop trying to constantly remind the man about this drawback: it is quite possible he would have paid no attention.

Hair removal

Constant checking "is not broke any more hair?" leads to neurosis and irritability. Agree, one missed day of hair removal does not mean a week of sitting at home depressed.

Men begin to "worry" only if you heal Aki, his best friend HART from next door, in other cases, they are willing to understand and forgive you a few days without treatment.


Not everyone is lucky with a good reaction of the skin to UV radiation, with this, alas, nothing we can do. Many can irritate the freckles and moles, but to get rid of them for good too. Of course, if they strain you too much, you can consult a qualified beautician.

Yes, and men clearly do not approve of "fried" in the sun or in the tanning bed the ladies who, especially in the resorts, look intimidating, that's fair. All you need to know as, a strong sunburn may be not only causing unwanted pigmentation, but also other, far more dangerous manifestations.

Недостатки внешности, которые не замечают мужчины - Красота и здоровье -

freckles did you not portafoto:


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