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How to detect overtraining - health and Beauty -

Excessive sports activities can be hazardous to health

Ksenia Парфенова27 Mar 2019 09:3922921

Как обнаружить перетренированность - Красота и здоровье -

sport is good, if you engage them, profilephoto:

The culture of proper nutrition and regular training imparted to the youth of today to be the correct basis for maintaining and strengthening health. True, some in taking care of yourself reach extremes, starting to pace everyday activities. Tell how to understand that you are training too much.

Muscle pain

Muscle fibers need time to recover from the holidays. During training, they formed microreserve quickly filled in with new fibers, so the muscles grow. If you relax enough, you risk to feel pain in the body. It is important to take breaks between weight training for girls just 1-2 days.

A bad

A competent workout plan is really important. Every lesson should be built like this: warm up on treadmill (5 min) — articular exercises (2 min) — workout (30-40 min) — hitch on the cardio (5 minutes) — stretching (10-15 min). Workout need to progressively increase in pulse and dynamic warm-up the muscles of the legs and bark. Joint exercises allows you to reheat unused joints, for example, the hands, the arches of feet that athletes often injure. At the end of training necessary to do the delay, to slow the pulse, and then stretch the muscles.

Как обнаружить перетренированность - Красота и здоровье -

be sure to end the lesson, rastaskivat:

No desire to engage in

The enthusiasm for the workouts is usually observed in the beginning, when you only bought a subscription and new fit. Not surprisingly, with continuously high loads, you will quickly get tired and start neglecting your work. One thought on sports will cause you irritation and bad mood, whereas the opposite should be the case. Don't try to justify the cost of subscription, exhausting yourself workouts. You need to gradually enter the mode, starting with cardio and small weights.


When you train through strength, despite the malaise, the only harm to the body. If you have had a tough day at work and you just want to relax, don't force yourself to go to class. Give the body a chance to recover — we don't iron, so it is not necessary to test the strength of their own nerves. Better lie down to sleep early, the next morning to feel great.

The lack of progress

At first, the sport is perceived by the organism as a stress factor so you do lose weight quickly. However later the body adapts to the load, making them a routine — at this point, progress slows down. Change your exercise program every few months, alternate exercises and swap days and cardio programs. Also try to change the number of sets and reps, use only barbell and dumbbells, but functional equipment: fitness bands, jump rope, step platform. Then the body will be more difficult to adapt to the regime, not knowing what to expect from you next time. Such tactics, by the way, coaches use professional athletes.

Как обнаружить перетренированность - Красота и здоровье -

we need to change the training program every 2-3, MetaCafe:

Deterioration of concentration

The brain during exercise actively works: tense system, responsible for body balance and concentration, rational thinking, memory. With frequent training the brain, like muscles, gets tired quickly. As a result it reduces the pace of work, giving a "failure" — you may notice a temporary confusion, poor coordination, weak short-term memory and other symptoms, indicating overtraining.


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