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I care about nails - health and Beauty -

Thin, dry, splitting and brittle nails in the spring are a vexing problem for many women. In the offseason we need to pay particular attention to the Horny plates

Tamara Астапенкова2 April 2019 11:1830750

О чем просят ногти - Красота и здоровье -

Spring nails need special rhodette:

Food. Everyone knows that all problems, including cosmetic coming from inside. This also applies to nails. Therefore, the spring diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts. If you don't keep the post, to include in your menu, you will need eggs, milk products, cheese and curd. You can also drink a course of vitamins pharmacy.

Massage. Massage to not only the nail plate and cuticles, but also fingers, hands. Suitable for massage of oily cream. And nail plate massage with a finger dipped in lemon juice. You can slightly warm up olive or vegetable oil and sprinkle it with lemon juice. This mixture can be massaged not only the plate but also the skin around the nail. You can make a mixture of one part oil solutions A, E and D and one part cream.

To strengthen nails. The honey bath is very easy to do. Beat 1 egg, add 1 tsp of honey 2 tsp of vegetable oil. Put in a water bath and heat, stirring occasionally. It is important that the egg does not curdle. Put it in the bath for the nails, keep 10-15 minutes, remove the remnants of the mixture and grease your hands with a cream.

With brittle nails. Teach yourself all the housework, including washing dishes, doing gloves. Nails should always be covered with a special varnish treatment. Nails podpilivaya only when they are dry, and do it a ceramic nail files. Daily massage into the cuticle lemon juice. Or cut a thick slice of lemon, which plunges its charms. Hold for about 5 minutes. You can also use the ready — made medium- base or oil — which is composed of vitamin E, calcium and keratin. Strengthens nails pack: 4 tbsp. water, 5 grams of alum, 25 g of glycerol.

Dry cuticle, burrs. If the burrs already appeared, then they need to be accurately cut, then apply disinfecting tools, and then a nourishing cream. Prevention the best means considered lemon juice, oil, avocado or almonds. Also help massage a drop of oil or a special oil for the cuticle, which must be carefully rubbed in a circular motion.

For nail growth. Through the day to do a warm bath of sea salt. Keep fingers in water for about 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and lubricate nourishing cream.

Whitening. Yellowed nails can be bleached with lemon juice and cranberry juice, currant, Apple. Helps in these cases, and vinegar. You can use a whitening mixture of 5 parts of hydrogen peroxide and 1 part glycerin.

Manicure. Experts advise spring to do uncut manicure. It is considered to be more gentle, with a minimum risk of cuts. As the spring body is suffering due to lack of vitamin is prone to all sorts of inflammation.


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