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Lose weight without harm for your joints - health and Beauty -

Summer is around the corner, and now women are trying hard to lose weight for the remaining months. On how to properly distribute the load on the joints, particularly the knees, the champion of Europe and Russia on athletic fitness trainer with fifteen years experience Marina Vlasova

Vitaly Шанга1 APR 2019 10:5120680

Худеем без вреда для суставов - Красота и здоровье -

How to distribute the load on the joints?Photo:

There is a popular stereotype: to lose weight, you need to start running or enroll in a fitness club, to remove all sweet, fat and flour and Monday to start this difficult path to a slim figure. All this, of course, will bear fruit, but such a drastic change in diet and lifestyle can greatly impair the health. First and foremost, deteriorating immune system, already weakened winter deficiencies. Suffer all the other systems of the body. So stuff it carefully. Here are some tips on how to save your knees.

Most importantly, avoid impact load: running, jumping, step aerobics. All this is not our choice, because at the moment of landing our weight increases seven times! Imagine the strain on the ligaments, joints and bones? But weight training, on the contrary, I highly recommend. If the muscles surrounding the joint strong, it significantly reduces the load on the joint itself. And if the muscles are active and good blood circulation, and to the ligaments and cartilage increases the flow of nutrients. But do not forget that exercise equipment is very important, there are many nuances, and it is better to spend some time to learn.

Худеем без вреда для суставов - Красота и здоровье -

Marina Vlasovite: materials of press-services

If you're new to the gym, to start, of course, need to bikes. This will strengthen the muscles and learn to feel them work. The movement should be fast and controlled, and avoid inertia. Do not straighten your knees completely. And if you experience any pain or discomfort in the joints do not have to tolerate, stop the lesson and understand why. As your fitness improves you can proceed to more difficult and effective exercises. Performing squats or lunges, try not to lose control over appliances. Go down smoothly, not "falling". Try to keep the knee remains over the foot and wouldn't fall inside. When you squat keep your heels off the floor, keep knees. Possible, keeping all these recommendations fail to sit deep, but this is due to the lack of flexibility. Over time, the elasticity will improve and range of motion will increase.

And remember: all changes in the body happen slowly, no need to chase the quick results! The main thing is to workout regular.


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