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Problem areas figure — what and how to work on them - health & Beauty -

The recommendation of the coaches for the slimness and elasticity of the skin

Ksenia Парфенова1 APR 2019 15:4919810

Проблемные места фигуры — какие и как над ними работать - Красота и здоровье -

any problems shapes, relativeto:

In the process of weight loss is not only important to follow the diet, but also recourse to additional procedures. Don't be afraid to experiment in a safe part of the leather during weight loss should be elastic, that is to reach in any way. Talking about places of the figure, with fatty deposits which are struggling the most.

Wide waist

The standard figure — "hourglass" — the dream of most girls. True to deal with a wide nature waist is not so simple. There are several options:

  • To balance the figure, increasing the amount of shoulders and hips — will create the visual effect of a narrow waist. Work out in the gym with heavy weights so that the muscles grow faster.
  • Another option is to focus on other parts of the body through clothes and accessories. For example, you can wear a large brooch on the lapel of a jacket or loose pants.
  • Also some girls notice that the fight against fatty deposits on the waist helps them wrap. During torsion Boca massaged special convex inserts, which provide blood flow to the problem area, acceleration of the lymphatic exchange and the breaking down of fat cells.

Проблемные места фигуры — какие и как над ними работать - Красота и здоровье -

create the visual effect of narrow telefoto:

Flat buttocks

Naturally slender women also have to get upset because of figure flaws. Rounded buttocks is a synonym of femininity to many men. That is why girls go to gym to add inches in the desired area. The trainers suggest to do with a barbell, doing 6-8 repetitions 3-4 approach with the maximum weight. Best suited squats with placing the feet on width of shoulders, dead lift, lunges and swings to the side.

Hip large

In the pursuit of slender legs, it is important to focus on cardio exercises — running, walking at high speed, bike. The duration of the workout should be at least an hour. It is better to go running or walking in the morning on an empty stomach. Also do massage with a dry brush — it speeds up the exchange of lymph, helps eliminate excess water from fatty tissue. The massage will help the oil or lotion with a few drops of essential oil of citrus and pine — they are the most effective on the skin.

Проблемные места фигуры — какие и как над ними работать - Красота и здоровье -

slender legs is the dream of megafoto:

Obviousy the skin on the hands

With age, the skin begins to SAG, so it is important to exercise in order to maintain its elasticity. Do push-UPS, pull-UPS, swing the biceps and triceps, squeeze the bar off the chest. Then the muscles will always be in good shape and any dress with bare arms will look great on you. Some girls resort to surgery, we recommend you to consult a specialist before you go on such a serious measure.


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