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SPF: what makeup should be - Beauty and health

Protection from UV radiation helping to preserve the youthfulness of the skin

Ksenia Парфенова3 April 2019 11:3415510

SPF: в какой косметике должен быть - Красота и здоровье -

sun protection saves from olgafoto:

Beauticians continually emphasize that the skin needs protection from harmful solar radiation. And to protect it you need a quality medium that has several filters and covers the different rays of the spectrum. Do not neglect this uhodom means even in the spring — the sun is quite active, so you can get burned. Talk about what kind of cosmetics should be added to a special chemical filters.

What are the rays?

Before we talk about cosmetics, we need to understand what the light need to protect your skin. Overall there are three types of rays:

  • UVA — the rays with long wave, which make up 95% of solar radiation. The danger to skin — premature aging. They penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and destroy the cells from inside, causing sunburn. They are especially dangerous for dry skin, which lacks moisture. Other types of skin with proper care this type of radiation is not terrible.
  • UVB — the rays with Central wavelength, which accounts for about 5% of the radiation. They are the reason for the appearance of burns, pigmentation and skin irritation. Their peak action falls on the lunch time — no wonder doctors advise not to sunbathe from 10 to 16 hours. This type of radiation is dangerous for children, light-skinned adults, people who are prone to pigmentation, and fans of acid peels and resurfacing.
  • UVC the rays with a short wave, are hundredths of a percent. They practically do not penetrate through the atmosphere, so it is not dangerous to humans.

SPF: в какой косметике должен быть - Красота и здоровье -

you need to protect your skin from both spectrophoto:

Ingredients that protect against UV rays

Conventionally, the UV filters are divided into physical and chemical. To physical include:

  • Zinc oxide (Zinc Oxide) protects against both types of radiation, but brightening the skin and may cause a feeling of dryness. Ideal for children and fair-skinned adults.
  • Titanium dioxide (Тitanium dioxide) — protects from UVB rays, but UVA doesn't do very well. Also my skin and can clog pores. Suitable for people who rarely burn in the sun.

Chemical filters:

  • Avobenzone (Avobenzone) — absorbs UVA but does not protect against UVB radiation. Suitable for people who tan well and quickly become smooth dark skin tone.
  • Tinosorb (Tinosorb) — protects against both types of radiation. Suitable for all people, including children and fair-skinned adults.
  • Octocrylene (Octocrylene) — absorbs UVB rays, but does not protect against UVA.
  • Oxybenzone, or benzophenone (Оxybenzone) — only protects against UVA radiation.
  • Octinoxate (Octinoxate) protects only against UVB radiation.
  • Was techexcel triazon (Ethylhexyl triazone) is active only against UVB.

SPF: в какой косметике должен быть - Красота и здоровье -

pay attention to the composition of redstate:

What to look for when choosing products

  • Label. It needs to be specified degree of protection: 2-4 — protection from 50-75% of the rays, 4-10 — protection from 80%, 10-20 — protection from 95%, 20-30 — protection against 97%, 30-50 — protection against 99 percent of rays. The protection factor against UVA radiation is denoted by a special symbol in the circle on the front of the package. Remember that the thinner the layer, the less protection is about 2 mm cream would be perfect for blocking light.
  • The phototype. The lighter your skin, hair and eyes, because you are more exposed to radiation. Fair-skinned people have to use sun protection, and update it not less than once in 2 hours — during which time you sweat, swim, touch the skin so that the layer is gradually removed.
  • Price. A good tool can not be cheap. Always pay attention to the ingredients before purchasing a cream or spray. The manufacturer promises water resistance and durability will not matter when you lie in the shade instead of swimming because recently burned.
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