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5 secrets of how to look expensive without serious attachments - health & Beauty -

To make a good impression at the first meeting, do not need a branded bag or dress from the latest collection. You just need to follow the rules, which will explain

Maria Блавацкая3 APR 2019 14:4465100

5 секретов, как выглядеть дорого без серьезных вложений - Красота и здоровье -

it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to look gastounette:

No matter how much we resisted, and still meet on clothes, if more specifically — on appearance in General. Well-groomed man is a matter of respect and willingness to cooperate, if we are talking about business relationships. And don't think that look can only be the wife of a millionaire. We will talk about the small tricks that will allow you to attract admiring glances.

Let's start not with things, but with proper care of the body and face. To maintain excellent appearance, will have to try and perform procedures regularly, and only in this case, you can expect visible results.

5 секретов, как выглядеть дорого без серьезных вложений - Красота и здоровье -

branded bag will not help you to create an expensive image if the rest of the parts of appearance you make, sabrinetta:


According to many men, the first thing that attracts attention in a woman is her hair. So no greasy hair with split ends! Many make the mistake when they begin to listen to the advice of friends regarding the frequency of shampooing — it should be done as often as required by your body.

If you constantly dye your hair, you should avoid the roots were in sharp contrast to the rest of the length. You must have seen women with half-head — the roots of dark color, and the rest platinum blonde. Honestly, it looks just awful.


It is always necessary to carefully monitor the condition of facial skin, as it is in this area to reveal our age. If part of the problem to solve is quite difficult, it really is basic to care for the person — not such a difficult task.

What we do:

- Clean and tone.

- Moisturize.

- Protected from the sun.

It would be nice to learn the correct technique of makeup to know how to correct the flaws and emphasize dignity.

5 секретов, как выглядеть дорого без серьезных вложений - Красота и здоровье -

men always pay attention to wolosate:


Minimum program for every day — taking a shower. Periodically use a scrub, but not more than once a week. As necessary and carry out the procedure of hair removal, and not necessarily to go to a salon and pay a large sum, because you can repeat the procedure at home.

Select the clothes correctly

Clothes according to color type

To "suit sat", you need to find your style, but also to carefully study its appearance and to which season it belongs: the winter, spring, summer or autumn. Each color type is suitable has its own palette of colors, which it is desirable to adhere to.

Clothes have to sit perfectly

The second important point is to correctly define the type of shape, because it affects the choice of styles. It is important not just to hide the shortcomings, but also to emphasize the dignity.

5 секретов, как выглядеть дорого без серьезных вложений - Красота и здоровье -

learn to do right makeup, and always make sure that the hair was dyed all over, dinetto:

Consider closet

There is a perception that it only takes one expensive thing instead of a dozen cheap. This is not so. You need at least 15 things that you'll combine with each other, thereby constantly changing without any cost.


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