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Helpful whether vegetarianism - health and Beauty - finds out whether the rejection of the meat affects human health

Julia Малкова5 April 2019 12:1171780

Полезно ли вегетарианство - Красота и здоровье -

It is useful for health vegetarianism?Photo:

Comely-looking eaters of carrots and celery will call of steak lovers trupoedy, and they, in retaliation, would predict that the vegetarians will soon inevitably die, because of the unbalanced diet they are a few days goodbye with reproductive function. Indeed, most representatives of the modern life style "we do not eat anybody", including the actress Natalie Portman, came to vegetarianism not to improve their health, but for ethical reasons. And all Russians, regardless of their food preferences, this fact must be flattered, after all, the first to actively promote to the masses the idea of "thou shalt Not kill our little brothers" started our classic Leo Tolstoy. However, they were right and neighbors Lisa from "the Twelve chairs": the Creator of "War and peace" was refused food of animal origin only after fifty, and before that, as was rightly noticed voices coming from behind the plywood walls of the hostel, "the sausage he was cracked".

If we forget about ethics and access to medicine, then suddenly it turns out: vegetarianism is not what it seems to most of us. Nutritionists refer to this group of people only to those who not only said a resounding no to meat, but also completely gave up dairy, eggs, fish and seafood. To put it simply — strict vegans. All the others, as their irreconcilable opponents of meat eaters fall under the category of "man is omnivorous". But from the point of view of banal physiology of Homo sapiens — typical intermediate between predators and herbivores: we have teeth, but the jaw can move from side to side, stomach is not Multicam as in cows, but the intestines long enough to digest plant foods.

Полезно ли вегетарианство - Красота и здоровье -

The main principle of healthy nutrition, sbalansirovannoe:

Where did the belief that vegetarianism is not just ethical, but also good for your health? Blame the scientist and humanist Colin Campbell. At one time he conducted an extensive study and found that the average life expectancy of people who refuse from meat and fish, longer than lovers of schnitzels and sausages. Work, frankly, is controversial, because it was not considered that both strong and moderate vegetarians in General, monitor your diet closely the simple hard workers, accustomed to eat for dinner hamburger with fries. Yes, and alcohol abuse ethical animal lovers, as a rule, were not observed, and Smoking and drinking continuously affect health significantly stronger than the steak for dinner. Modern researchers are unanimous: the main principle of healthy nutrition is balance. It can be easy to achieve, excluding meat and even fish, but leaving the dairy, eggs and seafood.

The only vitamin that is not in plant foods is B12, and vegetarians should be taken in supplements. It is interesting that today the people who refuse beef, pork and poultry, do eat significantly more correct than meat eaters. Here the catch is the presence in their diet of a large number of unprocessed plant foods. According to nutritionists, it should be about thirty percent of the daily diet of a person. Russians prefer to consume carbohydrates and animal fat, so on greens and vegetables account for only five percent of what we eat. In short, the cure in our case to the basic is simple: do not dispose of the diet of meat, just add vegetables and let the force be with you, of course, if you do not want to go into vegetarianism for ethical reasons.

It is believed that fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, and not meat. It is not, the vitamin C contained in blood, and that retinol, which the body turns into vitamin a, it is easiest to get not just raw carrots. The roots need to eat animal fats then the absorption of vitamin A by the body will rise from three to forty percent.

Even herbivores such as a cow, eats foods of animal originsuch as flies, grubs, and sometimes bird eggs. It is necessary for the normal functioning of the intestine, or the absorption of plant food can cause problems.

The perfect diet of Europeans should be thirty percent of vegetables and greens, and thirty percent of animal products, and thirty percent fruits, and ten percent of cereals.


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